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SEC Filings

DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICAS/ ADR GROUP filed this Form F-6 on 12/06/2016
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be suspended, during any period when the transfer books of the Depositary are closed or if any such action is deemed necessary or advisable by the Depositary or the Company, in good faith, at any time or from time to time because of any requirement of law, any government or governmental body or commission or any securities exchange on which the Receipts or Shares are listed, or under any provision of this Deposit Agreement or provisions of, or governing, the Deposited Securities, or any meeting of shareholders of the Company or for any other reason, subject, in all cases, to Section 7.10 hereof.
SECTION 2.8  Lost Receipts, etc.  To the extent the Depositary has issued Receipts in physical certificated form, in case any Receipt shall be mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen, unless the Depositary has notice that such ADR has been acquired by a bona fide purchaser, subject to Section 5.9 hereof, the Depositary shall execute and Deliver a new Receipt (which, in the discretion of the Depositary may be issued through any book-entry system, including, without limitation, DRS/Profile, unless specifically requested otherwise) in exchange and substitution for such mutilated Receipt upon cancellation thereof, or in lieu of and in substitution for such destroyed, lost or stolen Receipt.  Before the Depositary shall execute and Deliver a new Receipt in substitution for a destroyed, lost or stolen Receipt, the Holder thereof shall have (a) filed with the Depositary (i) a request for such execution and delivery before the Depositary has notice that the Receipt has been acquired by a bona fide purchaser and (ii) a sufficient indemnity bond in form and amount acceptable to the Depositary and (b) satisfied any other reasonable requirements imposed by the Depositary.
SECTION 2.9  Cancellation and Destruction of Surrendered Receipts; Maintenance of Records.  All Receipts surrendered to the Depositary shall be cancelled by the Depositary. The Depositary is authorized to destroy Receipts so cancelled in accordance with its customary practices.  Cancelled Receipts shall not be entitled to any benefits under this Deposit Agreement or be valid or obligatory for any purpose.
SECTION 2.10  [Reserved].
SECTION 2.11  Maintenance of Records.  The Depositary agrees to maintain records of all Receipts surrendered and Deposited Securities withdrawn under Section 2.6, substitute Receipts Delivered under Section 2.8 and cancelled or destroyed Receipts under Section 2.9, in keeping with the procedures ordinarily followed by stock transfer agents located in the United States.
SECTION 3.1  Proofs, Certificates and Other Information.  Any depositor presenting Shares for deposit and any Holder and any Beneficial Owner may be required, and every Holder and Beneficial Owner agrees, from time to time to provide to the Depositary or the Custodian such proof of citizenship or residence, taxpayer status, payment of all applicable taxes or other governmental charges, exchange control approval, legal or beneficial ownership of ADSs and Deposited Securities, compliance with applicable laws and the terms of this Deposit Agreement and the provisions of, or governing, the Deposited Securities or other information; to execute such certifications and to make such representations and warranties, and to provide such other information and documentation as the Depositary may deem necessary or proper or as the Company may reasonably require by written request to