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SEC Filings

DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICAS/ ADR GROUP filed this Form F-6 on 12/06/2016
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subject to any lock-up agreement with the Company or other party, or the Shares are subject to a lock-up agreement but such lock-up agreement has terminated or the lock-up restrictions imposed thereunder have expired or been validly waived.  Such representations and warranties shall survive the deposit and withdrawal of Shares, the issuance and cancellation of American Depositary Shares in respect thereof and the transfer of such American Depositary Shares.  If any such representations or warranties are false in any way, the Company and the Depositary shall be authorized, at the cost and expense of the person depositing Shares, to take any and all actions necessary to correct the consequences thereof.
SECTION 3.4  Compliance with Information Requests.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this Deposit Agreement, the Articles of Association and applicable law, each Holder and Beneficial Owner agrees to (a) provide such information as the Company or the Depositary may request pursuant to  law (including, without limitation, relevant Dutch law, any applicable law of the United States, the Articles of Association, any resolutions of the Company’s management board or supervisory board adopted pursuant to the Articles of Association, the requirements of any markets or exchanges upon which the Shares, ADSs or Receipts are listed, traded or quoted, or to any requirements of any electronic book-entry system by which the ADSs or Receipts may be transferred), and (b) be bound by and subject to applicable provisions of the laws of the Netherlands, the Articles of Association and the requirements of any markets or exchanges upon which the ADSs, Receipts or Shares are listed, traded or quoted, or pursuant to any requirements of any electronic book-entry system by which the ADSs, Receipts or Shares may be transferred, to the same extent as if such Holder and Beneficial Owner held Shares directly, in each case irrespective of whether or not they are Holders or Beneficial Owners at the time such request is made. The Depositary agrees to use its reasonable efforts to forward, upon the request of the Company, and at the Company’s expense, any such request from the Company to the Holders and to forward to the Company any such responses to such requests received by the Depositary.
SECTION 4.1  Cash Distributions.  Whenever the Depositary receives confirmation from the Custodian of receipt of any cash dividend or other cash distribution on any Deposited Securities, or receives proceeds from the sale of any Shares, rights, securities or other entitlements under the terms hereof, the Depositary will (i) if at the time of receipt thereof any amounts received in a foreign currency can in the judgment of the Depositary (pursuant to Section 4.6 hereof) be converted on a practicable basis into Dollars transferable to the United States, promptly convert or cause to be converted such cash dividend, distribution or proceeds into Dollars (on the terms described in Section 4.6 hereof), (ii) establish the ADS Record Date upon the terms described in Section 4.7 hereof and (iii) distribute promptly the amount thus received (net of (a) the applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and/or a division or Affiliate(s) of the Depositary and (b) taxes and/or governmental charges) to the Holders of record as of the ADS Record Date in proportion to the number of American Depositary Shares held by such Holders respectively as of the ADS Record Date.  The Depositary shall distribute only such amount to any individual Holder, however, as can be distributed to such Holder without attributing to such Holder a fraction of one cent.  Any such fractional amounts shall be rounded per Holder to the nearest whole cent and so distributed to Holders entitled thereto.  Holders and Beneficial Owners understand that in converting Foreign Currency, amounts received on