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SEC Filings

DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICAS/ ADR GROUP filed this Form F-6 on 12/06/2016
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new Deposited Securities and/or corporate change, shall also be made. The Company agrees that it will, jointly with the Depositary, amend the Registration Statement on Form F-6 as filed with the Commission to permit the issuance of such new form of Receipt. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that any security so received may not be lawfully distributed to some or all Holders, the Depositary may, with the Company’s approval, and shall, if the Company requests, subject to receipt of an Opinion of Counsel (furnished at the Company’s expense) satisfactory to the Depositary that such action is not in violation of any applicable laws or regulations, sell such securities at public or private sale, at such place or places and upon such terms as it may deem proper and may allocate the net proceeds of such sales (net of fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and/or a division or Affiliate(s) of the Depositary and taxes and/or governmental charges) for the account of the Holders otherwise entitled to such securities upon an averaged or other practicable basis without regard to any distinctions among such Holders and distribute the net proceeds so allocated to the extent practicable as in the case of a distribution received in cash pursuant to Section 4.1 hereof. The Depositary shall not be responsible for (i) any failure to determine that it may be lawful or feasible to make such securities available to Holders in general or to any Holder in particular, (ii) any foreign exchange exposure or loss incurred in connection with such sale or (iii) any liability to the purchaser of such securities.
SECTION 4.10  Available Information.  The Company is subject to the periodic reporting requirements of the Exchange Act applicable to foreign private issuers (as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act) and accordingly files certain information with the Commission.  These reports and documents can be inspected and copied at the Commission’s website at or at the public reference facilities maintained by the Commission located at 100 F Street, N.E., Washington D.C. 20549, U.S.A.
SECTION 4.11  Reports.  The Depositary shall make available during normal business hour on any Business Day for inspection by Holders at its Corporate Trust Office any reports and communications, including any proxy soliciting materials, received from the Company which are both received by the Depositary, the Custodian, or the nominee of either of them as the holder of the Deposited Securities and made generally available to the holders of such Deposited Securities by the Company.  The Company agrees to provide to the Depositary, at the Company’s expense, all documents that it provides to the Custodian.  The Depositary shall, at the expense of the Company (unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company and the Depositary), and in accordance with Section 5.6 hereof, also mail by regular, ordinary mail delivery or by electronic transmission (if agreed by the Company and the Depositary) and unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Company and the Depositary, to Holders copies of such reports when furnished by the Company pursuant to Section 5.6 hereof.
SECTION 4.12  List of Holders.  Promptly upon written request by the Company, the Depositary shall furnish to it a list, as of a recent date, of the names, addresses and holdings of American Depositary Shares by all persons in whose names Receipts are registered on the books of the Depositary.
SECTION 4.13  Taxation; Withholding.  The Depositary will, and will instruct the Custodian to, forward to the Company or its agents such information from its records as the Company may request to enable the Company or its agents to file necessary tax reports with governmental authorities or agencies. The Depositary, the Custodian or the Company and its agents may, but shall not be obligated to, file such reports as are necessary to reduce or eliminate applicable taxes on dividends and on other distributions in respect of Deposited