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SEC Filings

DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICAS/ ADR GROUP filed this Form F-6 on 12/06/2016
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Securities under applicable tax treaties or laws for the Holders and Beneficial Owners. Holders and Beneficial Owners of American Depositary Shares may be required from time to time, and in a timely manner, to file such proof of taxpayer status, residence and beneficial ownership (as applicable), to execute such certificates and to make such representations and warranties, or to provide any other information or documents, as the Depositary or the Custodian may deem necessary or proper to fulfill the Depositary’s or the Custodian’s obligations under applicable law. The Holders and Beneficial Owners shall indemnify the Depositary, the Company, the Custodian and any of their respective directors, employees, agents and Affiliates against, and hold each of them harmless from, any claims by any governmental authority with respect to taxes, additions to tax, penalties or interest arising out of any refund of taxes, reduced rate of withholding at source or other tax benefit obtained by the Beneficial Owner or Holder.
The Company shall remit to the appropriate governmental authority or agency any amounts required to be withheld by the Company and owing to such governmental authority or agency.  Upon any such withholding, the Company shall remit to the Depositary information, in a form reasonably satisfactory to the Depositary, about such taxes and/or governmental charges withheld or paid, and, if so requested, the tax receipt (or other proof of payment to the applicable governmental authority) therefor.  The Depositary shall, to the extent required by U.S. law, report to Holders (i) any taxes withheld by it; (ii) any taxes withheld by the Custodian, subject to information being provided to the Depositary by the Custodian and (iii) any taxes withheld by the Company, subject to information being provided to the Depositary by the Company. The Depositary and the Custodian shall not be required to provide the Holders with any evidence of the remittance by the Company (or its agents) of any taxes withheld, or of the payment of taxes by the Company, except to the extent the evidence is provided by the Company to the Depositary.  None of the Depositary, the Custodian or the Company shall be liable for the failure by any Holder or Beneficial Owner to obtain the benefits of credits on the basis of non-U.S. tax paid against such Holder’s or Beneficial Owner’s income tax liability.
In the event that the Depositary determines that any distribution in property (including Shares and rights to subscribe therefor) is subject to any tax or other governmental charge which the Depositary is obligated to withhold, the Depositary shall withhold the amount required to be withheld and may by public or private sale dispose of all or a portion of such property (including Shares and rights to subscribe therefor) in such amounts and in such manner as the Depositary deems necessary and practicable to pay such taxes and/or charges and the Depositary shall distribute the net proceeds of any such sale after deduction of such taxes and/or charges to the Holders entitled thereto in proportion to the number of American Depositary Shares held by them respectively.
The Depositary is under no obligation to provide the Holders and Beneficial Owners with any information about the tax status of the Company.  The Depositary shall not incur any liability for any tax consequences that may be incurred by Holders and Beneficial Owners on account of their ownership of the American Depositary Shares.
SECTION 4.14  Affiliates etc.  The Depositary reserves the right to utilize and retain a division or Affiliate(s) of the Depositary to direct, manage and/or execute any public and/or private sale of securities hereunder and to engage in the conversion of Foreign Currency hereunder.  It is anticipated that such division and/or Affiliate(s) will charge the Depositary a fee and/or commission in connection with each such transaction, and seek reimbursement of its costs and expenses related thereto.  Such