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SEC Filings

DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICAS/ ADR GROUP filed this Form F-6 on 12/06/2016
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Upon receipt of a notice regarding property other than cash, Shares or rights to purchase additional Shares, to be made to Holders of ADSs, the Depositary shall determine, after consultation with the Company, whether such distribution to Holders is lawful and reasonably practicable.  The Depositary shall not make such distribution unless (i) the Company shall have timely requested the Depositary to make such distribution to Holders, (ii) the Depositary shall have received the documentation required by the Deposit Agreement, and (iii) the Depositary shall have determined that such distribution is lawful and reasonably practicable.  Upon satisfaction of such conditions, the Depositary shall distribute the property so received to the Holders of record as of the ADS Record Date, in proportion to the number of ADSs held by such Holders respectively and in such manner as the Depositary may deem practicable for accomplishing such distribution (i) upon receipt of payment or net of the applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary, and (ii) net of any taxes and/or governmental charges.  The Depositary may dispose of all or a portion of the property so distributed and deposited, in such amounts and in such manner (including public or private sale) as the Depositary may deem practicable or necessary to satisfy any taxes (including applicable interest and penalties) or other governmental charges applicable to the distribution.
If the conditions above are not satisfied, the Depositary shall sell or cause such property to be sold in a public or private sale, at such place or places and upon such terms as it may deem proper and shall distribute the proceeds of such sale received by the Depositary (net of (a) applicable fees and charges of, and expenses incurred by, the Depositary and/or a division or Affiliate(s) of the Depositary and (b) taxes and/or governmental charges) to the Holders upon the terms hereof and of the Deposit Agreement.  If the Depositary is unable to sell such property, the Depositary may dispose of such property in any way it deems reasonably practicable under the circumstances.
(14)           Fixing of Record Date.  Whenever necessary in connection with any distribution (whether in cash, Shares, rights or other distribution), or whenever for any reason the Depositary causes a change in the number of Shares that are represented by each ADS, or whenever the Depositary shall receive notice of any meeting of or solicitation of holders of Shares or other Deposited Securities, or whenever the Depositary shall find it necessary or convenient in connection with the giving of any notice, or any other matter, the Depositary shall fix a record date (“ADS Record Date”), as close as practicable to the record date fixed by the Company with respect to the Shares (if applicable), for the determination of the Holders who shall be entitled to receive such distribution, to give instructions for the exercise of voting rights at any such meeting, or to give or withhold such consent, or to receive such notice or solicitation or to otherwise take action, or to exercise the rights of Holders with respect to such changed number of Shares represented by each ADS or for any other reason. Subject to applicable law and the terms and conditions of this Receipt and the Deposit Agreement, only the Holders of record at the close of business in New York on such ADS Record Date shall be entitled to receive such distributions, to give such voting instructions, to receive such notice or solicitation, or otherwise take action.
(15)           Voting of Deposited Securities. Subject to the next sentence, as soon as practicable after receipt of notice of any meeting at which the holders of Deposited Securities are entitled to vote, or of solicitation of consents or proxies from holders of Deposited Securities, the Depositary shall fix the ADS Record Date in respect of such meeting or solicitation of consent or proxy. The Depositary shall, if requested by the Company in writing in a timely manner (the Depositary having no obligation to take any further action if the request shall not