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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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proprietors”). Upon application and subject to further conditions, an individual as a partner can obtain a reduction of his personal income tax rate for earnings retained at the level of the partnership.
In addition, capital gains from the ADSs are subject to trade tax at the level of the partnership if the ADSs are attributed to a domestic permanent establishment of a business operation of the partnership, (i) at 60% as far as they are attributable to the profit share of an individual as the partner of the partnership, and, (ii) currently, at 5% as far as they are attributable to the profit share of a corporation as the partner of the partnership. Capital losses and other profit reductions in connection with the ADSs are currently not deductible for trade tax purposes if they are attributable to the profit share of a corporation; however, 60% of the capital losses are deductible subject to general limitations to the extent such losses are attributable to the profit share of an individual.
If the partner of the partnership is an individual, the portion of the trade tax paid by the partnership attributable to his profit share will be credited, either in full or in part, against his personal income tax by means of a lump-sum method, depending on the level of the municipal trade tax multiplier and certain individual tax-relevant circumstances of the taxpayer.
Special treatment of companies in the financial and insurance sectors and pension funds
If financial institutions or financial services providers sell ADSs that are allocable to their trading book pursuant to Section 1a of the German Banking Act (Gesetz über das Kreditwesen), they will neither be able to use the partial income method nor have 60% of their gains exempted from taxation nor be entitled to the effective 95% exemption from corporate income tax plus the solidarity surcharge and any applicable trade tax. Thus, capital gains are fully taxable. The same applies to ADSs acquired by financial institutions in the meaning of the German Banking Act for the purpose of generating profits from short-term proprietary trading. The preceding sentences apply accordingly for ADSs held in a permanent establishment in Germany by financial institutions, financial service providers, and finance companies tax resident in another member state of the European Union or in other signatory states of the EEA Agreement or the ADSs reflect at least 1% of the share capital of the company. Likewise, the tax exemption described earlier afforded to corporations for dividend income and capital gains from the sale of ADSs does not apply to ADSs that qualify as a capital investment in the case of life insurance and health insurance companies, or those which are held by pension funds.
Withholding tax
If the disposal of the ADSs is executed by a domestic credit institution, or domestic financial services institution (inländisches Kredit- oder Finanzdienstleistungsinstitut) (including domestic branches of foreign credit and financial services institutions), domestic securities trading company (inländisches Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen) or a domestic securities trading bank (inländische Wertpapierhandelsbank), and such office pays out or credits the capital gains (a Paying Agent), a withholding tax, if applicable, at the rate of 26.375% (including the solidarity surcharge) plus church tax, if any, on the capital gains for the account of the seller will be withheld by the Paying Agent. No withholding tax should become due, however, if the investor held directly or indirectly 1% or more in the share capital of the company through ADSs and/or shares at any time during a five year period preceding the disposition. In this event, the relevant investor has to file a German tax return.
In case of a Paying Agent, capital gains from ADSs held as business assets are not subject to withholding tax in the same way as ADSs held as non-business assets by an ADS holder (see “-Taxation of capital gains from ADSs-ADS holder with a domicile in Germany-ADSs held as non-business assets”). Instead, the Paying Agent will not levy the withholding tax, provided that (i) the ADS holder is a corporation, association of persons or estate with a tax domicile in Germany, or (ii) the ADSs belong to the domestic business assets of an ADS holder, and the ADS holder declares so to the Paying Agent using the designated official form and certain other requirements are met. If withholding tax is imposed by a Paying Agent, the withholding tax (including the solidarity surcharge thereon and church tax, if applicable) imposed and discharged will be credited against the income tax or corporate income tax liability (including the solidarity surcharge thereon and church tax, if applicable) or will be refunded in the amount of any excess.