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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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more in the underlying company’s ordinary shares (i.e., a Qualified Holding as defined in “—Taxation of the distributions from ADS for investors domiciled in Germany-ADSs held as non-business assets”) at any time during a five year period preceding the disposition or if the ADSs or underlying shares belong to a domestic permanent establishment or fixed place of business or are part of business assets for which a permanent representative in Germany has been appointed. If such holder had acquired the ADSs without consideration, the previous owner’s holding period and amount of the holding would also be taken into account.
In case of a Qualified Holding, 5% of the gains from the disposal of the ADSs should under German domestic tax law currently be subject to corporate income tax plus solidarity surcharge thereon if the ADS holder is a corporation. If the ADS holder is an individual, only 60% of the gains from the disposal of the ADSs are subject to the progressive income tax rate plus solidarity surcharge thereon (partial-income method). However, most Treaties provide for an exemption from German taxation and attribute the right of taxation to the ADS holder’s state of residence. According to German tax authorities there is no obligation to levy withholding tax at source in the case of a Qualified Holding if the ADS holder submits to the Paying Agent a certificate of residence issued by the competent foreign tax authority.
In case of a Qualified Holding, the relevant ADS holder has to file a German tax return. Please note that a tax return is also required if Germany does not have the right to tax such capital gains pursuant to the individual applicable Treaty.
With regard to capital gains or losses from ADSs attributable to a domestic permanent establishment or fixed place of business or which form part of business assets for which a permanent representative in Germany has been appointed, the above-mentioned provisions pertaining to ADS holders with a tax domicile in Germany whose ADSs are business assets apply mutatis mutandis (see “Taxation of capital gains from ADSs-ADS holder with a domicile in Germany-ADSs held as business assets”). The Paying Agent can refrain from deducting the withholding tax if the ADS holder declares to the Paying Agent on an official form that the ADSs form part of domestic business assets and certain other requirements are met.
German statutory law requires the disbursing agent to levy withholding tax on capital gains from the sale of ordinary shares or other securities, including ADSs, held in a custodial account in Germany. With regard to the German taxation of capital gains, disbursing agent means a bank, a financial services institution, a securities trading enterprise or a securities trading bank (each as defined in the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz) and, in each case including a German branch of a foreign enterprise, but excluding a foreign branch of a German enterprise) that holds the ADSs in custody or administers the ADSs for the investor or conducts sales or other dispositions and disburses or credits the income from the ADSs to the holder of the ADSs. The German statutory law with the exception of ADSs held by an ADS holder holding directly or indirectly through ADSs and shares at least 1% in the company’s ordinary share capital, does not create a limited tax liability in Germany so that there should be no obligation to withhold taxes on such capital gains. Further, it is not entirely clear by the German statutory law whether a withholding should be made if and when the (share) ADS holder creates a limited tax liability in Germany with its holding. However, an interpretation circular (Einzelfragen zur Abgeltungsteuer) issued by the German Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen) dated January 18, 2016 (reference number IV C 1-S2252/08/10004:017) provides that taxes need not to be withheld when the holder of the custody account is not a resident of Germany for German tax purposes and the income is not subject to German taxation. The interpretation circular further states that there is no obligation to withhold such tax even if the non-resident holder holds 1% or more of the share capital of a German company through ADSs and shares. As a result, under no circumstances should there be an obligation to withhold taxes on capital gains realized by ADS holders not tax resident in Germany. Although this circular is not binding on German tax courts, in practice, the disbursing agents are required to follow the guidance contained in such interpretation circulars. But even if there is no withholding in Germany, the ADS holder is required to make a tax filing with the German tax authorities if and when it is subject to a limited tax liability in Germany with its capital gains under German domestic tax law.