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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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Taxation of capital gains from ADSs-ADS holder with a domicile in Germany
The capital gain from the disposition of ADSs realized by an ADS holder who is tax resident in Germany should be subject to German tax as if the ADS holder owned the underlying Class A shares directly. This is supported by an interpretation circular (Einzelfragen zur Abgeltungsteuer) issued by the German Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen) dated January 18, 2016 (reference number IV C 1-S2252/08/10004:017) with respect to the limitation on the offsetting of capital loss from ADRs with capital gains from shares and/or ADRs and the exchange of the ADRs into the respective (represented) shares.
ADSs held as non-business assets
Gains from the disposal of ADSs by an ADS holder with a tax domicile in Germany and held as non-business assets are, regardless of the holding period, subject to a flat tax on capital investment income at a rate of 25% (plus the solidarity surcharge of 5.5% thereon, i.e. 26.375% in total plus any church tax if applicable) unless the ADS holder applies for the regular, progressive tax rate regime.
The taxable capital gain is computed as the difference between (a) the sale proceeds and (b) the acquisition costs of the ADS and the expenses related directly and economically to the disposal. Dividend payments that are funded from the company’s contribution account for tax purposes (steuerliches Einlagekonto; Section 27 KStG) reduce the original acquisition costs; if dividend payments that are funded from the company’s contribution account for tax purposes (steuerliches Einlagekonto; Section 27 KStG) exceed the acquisition costs, negative acquisition costs, which can increase a capital gain, can arise in case of ADS holders, whose ADS are held as non-business assets and do not qualify as Qualified Holding.
Only an annual lump-sum deduction of 801 (1,602 for married couples filing jointly) may be deducted from the entire capital investments income. It is not possible to deduct income-related expenses in connection with capital gains, except for the expenses directly related in substance to the disposal which can be deducted when calculating the capital gains. Losses from disposals of ADSs or shares may only be offset against capital gains from the disposal of ADSs or shares.
If the disposal of the ADSs is executed by a domestic credit institution, domestic financial services institution (inländisches Kredit- oder Finanzdienstleistungsinstitut) (including domestic branches of foreign credit and financial services institutions), domestic securities trading company (inländisches Wertpapierhandelsunternehmen) or a domestic securities trading bank (inländische Wertpapierhandelsbank), and such office pays out or credits the capital gains (a Paying Agent), the tax on the capital gains will under regular circumstances be discharged for the account of the seller by the Paying Agent imposing the withholding tax on investment income at the rate of 26.375% (including the solidarity surcharge thereon) on the capital gain.
However, the ADS holder can apply for his total capital investment income together with his other taxable income to be subject to his progressive income tax rate as opposed to the flat tax on investment income, if this results in a lower tax liability. In this case, the withholding tax is credited against the progressive income tax and any resulting excess amount will be refunded. Pursuant to the current view of the German tax authorities (which has been confirmed by a decision by the German Federal Tax Court (Bundesfinanzhof)), in this case as well, income-related expenses cannot be deducted from the capital investment income, except for the aforementioned annual lump-sum deduction. Further, the limitations on offsetting losses are also applicable under the income tax assessment.
If the withholding tax or, if applicable, the church tax on capital gains is not withheld by a Paying Agent, the ADS holder is required to declare the capital gains in his income tax return. The income tax and any applicable church tax on the capital gains will then be collected by way of assessment.
An automatic procedure for deducting church tax applies unless the ADS holder has filed a blocking notice (Sperrvermerk) with the German Federal Central Tax Office; church tax on capital gains is then withheld by the Paying Agent and is deemed to have been paid when the tax is deducted. A deduction of the withheld church tax as a special expense is not permissible, but the withholding tax to be withheld (including the solidarity surcharge) is reduced by 26.375% of the church tax to be withheld on the capital gains.