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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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Fees and Expenses
Pursuant to the terms of the deposit agreement, the holders of ADSs will be required to pay the following fees:
• To any person to which ADSs are issued or to any person to which a distribution is made in respect of ADS distributions pursuant to stock dividends or other free distributions of stock, bonus distributions, stock splits or other distributions (except where converted to cash)
Up to US$0.05 per ADS issued
• Cancellation of ADSs, including the case of termination of the deposit agreement
Up to US$0.05 per ADS cancelled
• Distribution of cash dividends
Up to US$0.02 per ADS held
• Distribution of cash entitlements (other than cash dividends) and/or cash proceeds from the sale of rights, securities and other entitlements
Up to US$0.02 per ADS held
• Distribution of ADSs pursuant to exercise of rights.
Up to US$0.02 per ADS held
• Distribution of securities other than ADSs or rights to purchase additional ADSs
Up to US$0.02 per ADS held
• Depositary services
Up to US$0.02 per ADS held on the applicable record date(s) established by the depositary bank
The depositary collects its fees for delivery and surrender of ADSs directly from investors depositing Class A shares or surrendering ADSs for the purpose of withdrawal or from intermediaries acting for them. The depositary collects fees for making distributions to investors by deducting those fees from the amounts distributed or by selling a portion of distributable property to pay the fees. The depositary may collect its annual fee for depositary services by deduction from cash distributions or by directly billing investors or by charging the book-entry system accounts of participants acting for them. The depositary may collect any of its fees by deduction from any cash distribution payable to ADS holders that are obligated to pay those fees. The depositary may generally refuse to provide for-fee services until its fees for those services are paid.
From time to time, the depositary may make payments to us to reimburse or share revenue from the fees collected from ADS holders, or waive fees and expenses for services provided, generally relating to costs and expenses arising out of establishment and maintenance of the ADS program. In performing its duties under the deposit agreement, the depositary may use brokers, dealers or other service providers that are affiliates of the depositary and that may earn or share fees or commissions.