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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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We have chosen to focus exclusively on providing search services for hotels and other types of accommodation. If users expect to be able to book other services when they book accommodation, they may choose to utilize the websites of our competitors rather than ours, which would negatively impact our financial condition and results of operations.
We are focused exclusively on helping users find their ideal hotel room, with an increasing focus on other types of accommodation. Because we believe this focus will help us develop a platform that displays hotels that match individual users’ ideal hotel characteristics, we have decided that our search engine should not cover services that are outside our core area of focus. As a result, users cannot use our platform to book air travel, rental cars, tours, cruises and other services with our advertisers, while they can book or otherwise obtain information about these services on the websites of all of our major competitors. If we are unable to provide users with information they deem useful, or our competitors are able to provide more attractive offers for accommodation coupled with attractive offers for other services, or our users demand to see more comprehensive offers akin to those of our competitors, we may not realize the anticipated benefits of this strategy, which could negatively impact our competitiveness, financial condition and results of operations.
If we do not continue to innovate and provide tools and services that are useful to users and advertisers, we may not remain competitive, and our revenue and results of operations could suffer.
Our success depends on continued innovation to provide features and services that make our websites and apps useful for users. Our ability to attract users to our services depends in large part on providing a comprehensive set of search results and a broad range of offers across price ranges. To do so, we maintain relationships with OTAs, hotel chains and independent hotels to include their data in our search results. Although we maintain searchable databases of hotels in the world, we do not have relationships with some significant potential advertisers, including some major hotel chains and many independent hotels and smaller chains. The loss of existing relationships with advertisers, our inability to continue to add new ones, or the decision by one or more advertisers to deactivate part or all of their of their inventories in on or more geographical regions, may reduce the comprehensiveness of our search results, which could reduce user confidence in the search results we provide, making us less popular.
In addition, our competitors are constantly developing innovations in online hotel-related services and features. As a result, we must continue to invest significant resources in research and development in order to continuously improve the speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of our services. We have invested, and in the future may invest, in new business strategies and services. These strategies and services may not succeed, and, even if successful, our revenue may not increase. In addition, we may fail to adopt and adapt to new technology, especially as Internet search, including through Google and Amazon, potentially moves from a text to voice interface over the coming years. If we are unable to continue offering innovative services, we may be unable to attract additional users and advertisers or retain our current users and advertisers, which may have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations, financial condition and prospects.
 One of our product features depends in part on our relationship with third parties to provide us with consumer reviews.
Third parties provide us with consumer reviews that we provide users along with our proprietary rating score. If these third-party data providers terminate their relationships with us, the information that we provide to users may be limited or the quality of the information may suffer, which may negatively affect users’ perception of the value of our product and our reputation.