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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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Our users initially search via a text-based search function, which supports searches across a broad range of criteria. This leads through to a listings page that displays search results and allows for further refinement based on more nuanced filters. Our platform organizes a large amount of information from multiple sources and gives each user what we believe to be the optimal basis to make a decision. We help users to convert initial interest into a clear and specific booking intention.
Additionally, we enhance our users’ experience by giving them the choice to display their search results in listings or map formats. Users can search our platform on desktop and mobile devices, and benefit from a familiar user interface, resulting in a consistent user experience.
Initial search bar parameters
Subsequent search filters
(City, Region, Country, Point of Interest)
Hotel stars
(1 star to 5 stars)
Popularity/Our recommendations
Check-in date
trivago ratings
(Below average, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, Excellent)
Check-out date
Price range
Room type
(single, double, family, multiple)
Distance from landmarks
Hotel name
Top amenities options
(Pets, Beach, Free WiFi, Breakfast, Pool)
Hotel name or address
Performing a search shows a user a hotel listing page. This page contains broad, aggregated information, including:
Hotel information: We display information that we believe is relevant to the user, such as the hotel name, pictures, amenities, star rating and distance to selected location;
trivago ratings index: We aggregate millions of ratings globally. We produce a score for each property, which is updated daily to render relevant and valuable insights for our users while saving them time when searching for the ideal hotel. The rating is a single, easy-to-use score out of ten;
Reviews: We provide reviews from third parties in a clear and concise format; and
Price comparison: We prominently display a suggested advertised deal for each hotel, while also listing additional available offers from our advertisers in a list format, including room types, amenity and payment options. To learn more about how we select this suggested deal, see "—Marketplace" below.
Our products are accessible anytime and anywhere, online and on mobile devices. We provide our services through mobile websites and apps. is our mobile-optimized website available on mobile device browsers, and our full-featured native mobile app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet.