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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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We aim to remain in close dialogue with OTAs and sophisticated hotel chains to better understand each advertiser’s specific needs and objectives in order to offer optimal solutions through our marketplace.  
Relationship building with smaller advertisers, including some independent hotels, differs from those with OTAs and sophisticated hotel chains as they are often less familiar with CPC bidding models and online advertising more broadly. This typically ensures a longer sales cycle where the starting point can be building awareness of the relevance of our marketplace or articulating the opportunities that our independent platform offers. It often requires onboarding by encouraging the optimization of their information and profiles on our site, upselling products to further enhance their profiles, and encouragement to start bidding directly on our marketplace. This often multi-stage process requires our sales team to develop close relationships with each hotel. As of December 31, 2017, over 400,000 hotels engaged through Hotel Manager (described below) directly with our platform (as of December 31, 2016: 240,000), of which over 45,000 subscribed to Hotel Manager Pro (as of December 31, 2016: 30,000).
Marketing tools and services for advertisers
We offer our advertisers a suite of marketing tools to help promote their listings on our platform and drive traffic to their websites. The following tools and services provide tailored solutions for OTAs, hotel chains and independent hotels to help them manage their presence on our marketplace and steer their investments according to their budget and traffic needs. Our tools include:
trivago Hotel Manager, a marketing platform that gives each hotelier control over its hotel profile.
trivago Hotel Manager “Basic,” a free administration tool specifically for hotels, helping them build and manage a unique hotel profile on trivago to enhance their presence. This includes the ability to manage visual and static content, including adjusting contact details, pictures, amenities and service listings, as well as refining descriptions. Using the Hotel Manager tool, each hotel can ensure that our marketplace accurately captures their offerings, helping attract guests.
trivago Hotel Manager “Pro,” which is sold on a one-year subscription basis and allows hotels to enhance their profile with more advanced features and functionalities. With Hotel Manager Pro, hotels can increase promotion with exclusive news about their hotel and prominent contact details, helping them stand out and drive more bookings. Furthermore, we provide hoteliers with additional analytics about who searches for them as well as benchmarking against their competition.
trivago Hotel Manager “Rate Connect,” which enables independent hotels to publish their website rates directly on their profiles, helping them to increase direct bookings and their prominence in our marketplace. Hotels set a monthly budget, and we create an optimized marketing campaign, automatically calculating CPC bids that are competitive with other advertisers and targeted to increase referrals. A dedicated team of marketing experts is available via email or phone to support hotels.
trivago Intelligence, a marketing platform for multi-property management that enables hotel chains and OTAs to manage their inventory and CPCs.
trivago Intelligence, which provides holistic control for our advertisers that wish to closely manage and analyze their advertising on our marketplace. It allows them to bid on individual hotels with a high degree of granularity and control, provides metrics and feedback on specific advertising campaigns and offers advice to optimize bidding strategy and drive additional referrals.
Automated Bidding, which allows OTAs, hotel chains and independent hotels to bid efficiently on listings. Advertisers are able to decide the traffic volumes or return on advertising investment they wish to reach and the tool will automatically set and adjust bids according to the target. We believe this is an especially valuable tool for advertisers that are less familiar with online bidding models, although it is our belief that larger, more experienced advertisers will also value the efficiency Automated Bidding provides.
Express Booking, which is developed to help our advertisers drive bookings by providing the option of an easy booking method within our marketplace. Although the booking information is completed on our site, the advertiser processes payment directly, confirms the booking and provides any booking support. We