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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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also prominently feature the brand of the advertiser taking the booking, allowing our advertisers to continue to build their own brand within our marketplace.
Direct Connect for Chains, which enables hotel chains to publish rates from their website directly on their inventory using their existing Central Reservation System and Internet Booking Engine. This helps them increase direct bookings and their prominence on our marketplace. Hotel chains that run direct connect campaigns also get access to Automated Bidding and Express Booking tools.
We design our algorithm to showcase the hotel room rate offers that we believe will be of most interest to our users, emphasizing those offers that are more likely to be clicked and ultimately booked on our advertisers' websites. We consider the completion of hotel bookings, which we refer to as conversion, to be a key indicator of user satisfaction on our website. At the core of our ability to match our users’ searches with large numbers of hotel offers is our auction platform, which we call our marketplace. With our marketplace, we provide advertisers a competitive forum to access user traffic by facilitating a vast quantity of auctions on any particular day. Advertisers do this by submitting hotel room rates on our marketplace and CPC bids for each user click on an advertised rate for a hotel. By clicking on a given rate, an individual user is referred to that advertiser’s website where the user can complete the booking. Advertisers can submit and adjust CPC bids on our marketplace frequently - as often as daily - on a property-by-property and market-by-market basis, and provide us with information on hotel room rates and availability on a near-real time basis.
In determining the prominence given to offers and their placement in our search results, including in hotel comparison search results for a given location and on detail pages for a given property, our proprietary algorithm considers a number of factors in a dynamic, self-learning process. These include the advertiser’s offered rate for the hotel room, the likelihood the offer will match the user’s hotel search criteria, data we have collected on likely booking conversion and user experience (as reflected in our relevance assessment) and the CPC bids submitted by our advertisers.
The CPC bids submitted by our advertisers play an important role in determining the prominence given to offers and their placement in our search results. Advertisers can analyze the number of referrals obtained from their advertisements on our marketplace and the consequent value generated from a referral based on the booking value they receive from users referred from our site to determine the amount they are willing to bid. Generally, the higher the potential booking value generated by a qualified referral and the more competitive the bidding, the more an advertiser is willing to bid for a hotel advertisement on our marketplace. This means that the levels of advertisers’ CPC bids reflect their view of the likelihood that each click on an offer will result in a booking by a user. We exclude from our marketplace auction offers where the CPC has been set to a de minimis level, as this typically denotes hotel room inventory that the advertiser has for some period of time withdrawn from its active inventory on trivago.
Our relevance assessment focuses on the quality of users' experience after clicking out to an advertiser from our website. The relevance assessment approximates the relative ease or difficulty for users of completing a booking on our advertisers’ websites and advantages that advertisers might derive from non-standard website designs, and then results in an upward or downward adjustment to those advertisers’ CPC bids in our marketplace's auction process based on that evaluation, which in turn can affect the prominence given to the offers in our search results (with offers more likely to lead to a booking given greater prominence). During the fourth quarter of 2017, we upgraded our relevance assessment, by introducing an automated calculation, new factors to approximate the user experience and general optimizations of the algorithm.
By managing their CPC bids, relevance assessments and hotel room rates submitted on our marketplace, our advertisers can influence their own returns on investment and the volumes of referral traffic we generate for them. We believe that by providing tools and services, such as our Automated Bidding tool, we can increase competition and create a more level playing field for our advertisers. By doing this, we aim to mitigate competitive disadvantages for smaller advertisers on our marketplace and to deliver more choice for our users.