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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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Tailored hotel search function
Our search function is designed to enable individual users to find their ideal hotel. We personalize results based on a user’s search terms, selected filters and other interactions with trivago’s platform. In addition, we aggregate and analyze multiple sources of information to build a profile for each individual hotel. trivago’s search algorithms, which are refined by millions of searches each day, create matches among the sets of information.
Deep content and easy-to-use information on hotels
We obtain hotel information from many sources, such as travel booking sites, hotel websites, review sites, directly from hotels and internal resources. This information includes pictures, descriptions, reviews, ratings and amenities. We synthesize and enrich this information. For example, our rating score distills review information from multiple sources into a single easy-to-use score for the traveler.
Key benefits for advertisers
Broad traveler reach
We offer advertisers a highly scalable channel of travelers, given our broad presence across multiple geographies and languages. Additionally, for many travelers, we believe we are the entry point to their hotel search, enabling advertisers to engage with potential new customers.
Delivery of transaction-ready referrals
We provide advertisers with motivated travelers who have proactively expressed their specific intent via our search platform. Due to the breadth of hotel information we provide and our personalized matching algorithms, travelers referred by trivago often already have a comprehensive understanding of the hotel and its value proposition for them, which we believe makes them more likely to complete a booking on the advertiser’s site.
Market-driven, referral-based pricing structure
We believe our advertisers value the flexibility to control the pricing and volume of referrals they generate from our marketplace. Our CPC bidding model makes it easy for advertisers to evaluate the performance of their spend and influence their own return on investment.
Improve advertisers’ competitiveness
Hotel advertisers have varying levels of experience, scale and resources to dedicate to their marketing efforts. We provide our advertisers with advice, actionable data insights and advertiser tools to help them optimize their investment on our marketplace by improving the quality of available content about their hotel.
Our strengths
We believe that our competitive advantages are based on the following key strengths:
Industry-leading product and user experience
We believe that we provide the most effective and intuitive hotel search platform for travelers. We have invested in our product over many years and continue to spend significant time and resources on further refining our websites and apps to provide the best possible user experience. We regularly test and enhance multiple aspects of our websites and apps, believing that incremental advancements over time add up to improvements in overall user experience. This approach benefits both our users and advertisers by enabling more satisfying and effective engagement with our platform.