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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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We remain focused on ensuring a healthy marketplace that connects our broad and deep supply of hotels and other accommodation with our user base. Apart from the steps we are taking to increase diversity on our marketplace described above, we aim to mitigate competitive disadvantages for smaller advertisers on our marketplace. We believe that by providing tools and services, especially for advertisers with less technical infrastructure and experience, we can increase competition and create a more level playing field for advertisers.
Focus on lifetime value of the customer
We are implementing initiatives that are designed to focus more on the end-to-end booking value of our users and less on the revenue generated in session. We believe that these initiatives will help us increase booking conversion rates, RPQR and, ultimately, our financial performance over the long term. Some of these changes include:
Measures aimed at optimizing our platforms and product, as described above, with the intention of increasing booking conversion and user engagement on our site, thus reducing the number of click-outs required to ultimately make a booking;
Our relevance assessment, which is an adjustment to advertisers’ CPC bids in our marketplace auction process based on our assessment of the quality of users' experience after leaving our website, as described above; and
Our attribution model, which is our model for allocating our performance marketing spend. We continuously modify this attribution to reflect changes in how we determine whether revenue originated from a given marketing channel (or how revenue is “attributed” to that channel in our internal metrics). The attribution model informs decisions we make about how much we spend on different performance marketing channels. We continually change the model to focus on whether a user who comes to us from a performance marketing channel proceeds to book a hotel.
Going forward, we plan to focus on changes to our platform, marketplace and advertising spend to optimize for traffic quality instead of volume. We aim to increase the value of our referrals by shortening the booking funnel.
Brand building
We continue to focus on building our trivago brand. In 2017, we ran and tested over 800 different TV spots globally. As a result, our aided brand awareness has reached over 75 percent in the U.S. market and more than 80 percent in the large European markets and in Australia. We still see potential for increasing brand awareness, especially in our faster-growing Rest of the World segment.
We intend to be each traveler’s first source of hotel information by growing our engagement with travelers through continuous investment in both online and offline marketing to build our brand efficiently and drive strong user acquisition and retention. We plan to continue enhancing our mobile offerings and user engagement on mobile devices, thereby further increasing access for travelers to our services anytime and anywhere. We believe that investing in our brand combined with product innovations will help us further improve customer loyalty and retention.
Our customers
Customers that pay to advertise on trivago include:
OTAs, including large international players, as well as smaller, regional and local OTAs;
Hotel chains, including large multi-national hotel chains and smaller regional chains;
Independent hotels;
Providers of alternative accommodation, such as vacation rental or private apartments; and
Industry participants, including metasearch and content providers.