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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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Our employees and culture
We believe that our entrepreneurial corporate culture, flexible working hours and flat organizational structure are key ingredients in our success. These have been designed to reflect the fast-moving technology space in which we operate, as well as our determination to remain pioneers in our field. Our employees act as entrepreneurs in their areas of responsibility, continuously striving for innovation and improvement. We encourage our employees to take on new challenges within the company regularly to broaden their perspective, accelerate their learning, ensure a high level of motivation and foster communication. Cultural fit is a key part of our recruiting process, as we seek to hire individuals comfortable working in a flat organizational structure that rewards those who take initiative and continually seek to understand and learn, take risks and innovate. We regard failure as an opportunity to learn and inform improved approaches going forward.
Internally, we distill our values into six core qualities:
Trust:    We want to build an environment in which mutual trust can develop that gives employees the confidence to discuss matters openly and act freely.
Authenticity:    We aim to be authentic and appreciate constructive and straight feedback.
Entrepreneurial passion:    We believe that entrepreneurial passion drives us forward to continuously try out new and improved ways of thinking and doing.
Power of proof:    We believe that data, used correctly, can lead to empirical, proof-based decision making across the organization.
Focus:    We are focused on reshaping the way travelers search for and compare hotels, while enabling hotel advertisers to grow their businesses by providing access to a broad audience of travelers via our websites and apps. We believe that multiple small, incremental improvements towards this goal add up to long-term success.
Learning:    We never stand still and choose to remain open minded and inquisitive. We try new ideas and continue to challenge received wisdom.
In April 2017, we introduced our new leadership framework, which is another step we have taken that is intended to keep our company agile. Under the new framework, we have broken up the traditional reporting lines into three dimensions, allowing each employee to progress on the dimensions he or she is most excited about and suitable for.
We have identified three core leadership roles:
responsibility leads, who are responsible for the development of an operational area at trivago;
talent leads, who are responsible for individuals' professional and personal development at trivago; and
knowledge leads, who are responsible for sharing expertise and developing knowledge within trivago on a specific topic.
We envision that different individuals will often take on different leadership roles and will move into different roles as they learn what interests them and what role is most suitable for them. As our employees move into different roles within trivago, we intend for them to have one constant talent lead, who generally works on a different team.
We believe that moving employees into different leadership roles will help them use the expertise they have gained at trivago to challenge our thinking in different areas and to promote innovation. Our new leadership framework is intended to prevent us from forcing employees into pre-determined career development paths, which they did not actively choose to follow, and to create an environment where each employee can naturally come across opportunities to help them learn and grow. By doing this, we plan to give employees the necessary freedom in their work in order for them to shape their own professional journeys while at trivago.