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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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In addition, EU laws regulate transfers of EU personal data to third countries, such as the United States, that have not been found to provide adequate protection to such personal data. A number of our service providers and hotels operate in such jurisdictions. There are recent regulatory concerns about certain measures that can be used to validate such data export, as well as litigation challenging some of the mechanisms for adequate data transfer (i.e., the standard contractual clauses). We could be impacted by changes in law as a result of the current challenges to these mechanisms by regulators and in the European courts which may lead to governmental enforcement actions, litigation, fines and penalties or adverse publicity which could have an adverse effect on our reputation and business.
Many governmental authorities in the markets in which we operate are also considering alternative legislative and regulatory proposals that would increase regulation on Internet display, disclosure and advertising activities. It is impossible to predict whether new taxes or regulations will be imposed on our services, and whether or how we might be affected. Increased regulation of the Internet could increase the cost of doing business or otherwise materially adversely affect our business, financial condition or results of operations.
In addition, the application and interpretation of existing laws and regulations to our business is often uncertain, given the highly dynamic nature of our business and the sector in which trivago operates.
Technology and infrastructure
Data and proprietary algorithms
We process a large amount of information about user traffic and behavior, advertisers and direct connections into the databases of many of our advertisers. We believe it is central to the success of our business that we effectively capture and parse this data. To achieve this, we have developed proprietary algorithms that drive key actions across our platform, including search, listings and bidding tools. We continue to explore new ways to capture relevant data and feed this into our platform to further enhance the experience for both our users and advertisers.
We host our platform at five different locations in Germany, the United States, Hong Kong and China, while also selectively leveraging cloud hosted services, which we believe offers us secure and scalable storage at limited incremental expense. While much of the data we receive and capture is not sensitive, our data centers are compliant with the highest security standards. It is our policy to store separately the limited amount of sensitive data that we do capture. Where required, our data centers are PCI compliant. We have designed our websites, apps and infrastructure to be able to support high volume demand.
We develop our own software through our teams based in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, employing a rigorous iterative approach. This includes the proprietary algorithm underlying our search function, internal management tools, data analytics and advertiser tools.