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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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Current organizational structure
The following chart depicts our corporate structure and percentages of economic interest as of the date hereof based on the number of shares outstanding as of December 31, 2017:
trivago N.V. is the direct or indirect holding company of our subsidiaries.  As of December 31, 2017, we do not own, directly or indirectly, any subsidiaries that we consider to be "significant". We used the three-part test set out in Section 1-02 (w) of Regulation S-X under the Exchange Act to determine significance. We do not have any other subsidiaries we believe are material based on other, less quantifiable, factors.
Property, plant and equipment
Our corporate headquarters are located in Düsseldorf, Germany where we lease office space of 17,761 square meters, in the aggregate, under separate lease agreements expiring between June 2018 and December 2019.
On July 23, 2015, we entered into a lease agreement for 26,107 square meters of office space at another location in Düsseldorf, Germany for a ten-year fixed term commencing upon finalization of the construction of the facilities. We intend to relocate our corporate headquarters to such facilities in 2018 when construction is expected to be completed.