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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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We have recently taken steps to increase advertiser diversity on our marketplace, including increasing the representation of individual hotels into our inventory, making investments in our advertisement relations team and integrating HomeAway’s vacation rental inventory onto our hotel search platform, with the aim of integrating additional inventory of alternative accommodation going forward. Advertiser diversification allows us to improve the user experience by expanding the depth of our hotel offerings to facilitate price transparency as well as to improve the content quality, availability and usability of our advertisers’ offers, thereby increasing the value our users derive from our websites and apps. For example, some independent hotels and smaller hotel chains rely exclusively on their own websites and/or an OTA to distribute their offerings. Our engagement with such advertisers permits us to display an offer on behalf of that advertiser directly, making the offer accessible to our users, or increasing the number of offers if an accommodation was previously only available through an OTA. Direct engagement also permits an advertiser to have more control of the content and placement of its offer, since we are able to offer tools and assistance to optimize content and offer strategy on our marketplace. In addition, we recently began offering a booking engine product for our direct hotel relationships in order to make it easier for our users to book an accommodation online for an advertiser that did not otherwise have an online booking engine available.
We believe advertiser diversification could mitigate some of the risks we face with respect to consolidation within the travel content marketplace, as consolidation could over time reduce the number of offers we have available on our platform for each hotel, which could cause our services to become less valuable to users. Correspondingly, with fewer bids for offers from a consolidated group of advertisers, RPQR could decrease. We believe that as a result of the number of marketplace participants and the competition among various brands within consolidated OTAs, there has historically been sufficient liquidity on our marketplace to sustain competitive bid levels in our most relevant markets, such that if the top bidder leaves the platform, the next highest bidder moves into position to partially sustain our revenue. We have observed this to some extent as some of our largest advertisers have withdrawn from our marketplace for periods of time in certain geographic markets, although this testing activity had a significant negative impact on our financial results in the fourth quarter of 2017. In less liquid geographic markets, our initiative to connect hotels directly to our platform may mitigate, at least in small part, a potential decrease in OTA marketplace participants. As of December 31, 2017, we had direct relationships with over 400,000 hotels, representing over 22% of the total number of hotels advertised on trivago.