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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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We believe in cultivating an inspiring environment where our employees can thrive and feel empowered to do their best. Our aim is to attract intrinsically motivated individuals, and nurture and retain the most capable and driven of them to support our culture of learning, authenticity and entrepreneurship.
Our remuneration policy is designed to attract and retain employees, and reward them for achieving our goals and objectives as a business, and in particular our “core values" (see above “Item 4 B. Business overviewOur employees and culture”). We believe our employees’ compensation should develop together with their career development, achievements and the value they create at trivago. We have an individualized approach to compensation that reflects each employee’s unique context and overall value contribution to our organization. We believe that employees who contribute to our success should receive increased compensation, for example through the award of stock options.
Salaried employees are rewarded on a total rewards basis, which includes fixed income and long-term incentive awards, such as stock options. We also offer all our employees other benefits, such as self-determined hours, a supportive work environment and an attractive culture. We aim to ensure that each employee’s compensation is fair and is aligned to the scope and breadth of his or her activities as well as to the value that person creates. At trivago, we review our compensation decisions on a yearly basis. We believe that fairness is created by analyzing compensation at one point in time for all our employees. Rather than negotiating salary increases, we aim to run a fair, objective and merit-based process for compensation decisions.
Short-term remuneration policy
An important component of our remuneration policy is the use of the short-term incentive remuneration, which supports our results-focused culture and the engagement of our employees. We believe in making appropriate and meaningful distinctions in recognizing and rewarding our employees’ performance. We complement the base compensation of our employees by offering ad-hoc bonuses (rewarded by a responsibility lead for creating extraordinary value) and peer bonuses (a special and unexpected thanks for extraordinary efforts, awarded by other employees).