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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 20-F on 03/06/2018
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entering into agreements under which we or any subsidiary binds or purports to bind any of our shareholders or our shareholders’ affiliates (other than our subsidiaries) or to cause such shareholders or affiliates to take or forbear from taking action;
entering into, amending or terminating agreements between us (or any subsidiary) and any managing director of the company or any subsidiary, any companies affiliated with such managing director, or third parties represented by such managing director;
entering into or amending any agreements or other arrangements with any third party that restrict in any fashion the ability of the company (or any subsidiary), which ability shall be subject to the terms of the Management Board Rules (a) to pay dividends or other distributions with respect to any shares in the capital of the company (or any subsidiary) or (b) to make or repay loans or advances to, or guarantee debt of, any of the company’s shareholders or such shareholders subsidiaries;
entering into, amending or terminating domination agreements (Beherrschungsverträge), profit and loss pooling agreements (Gewinnabführungsverträge), business leasing contracts (Unternehmenspachtverträge) or tax units (Organschaften);
entering into any transaction with any affiliate or shareholder of the company which is outside the ordinary course of business and not at arms’ length terms;
issuing shares in the capital of the company or any subsidiary (including phantom stock and profit participation rights) or granting options (including phantom options) or subscription rights for shares of the company or any subsidiary, except pursuant to the company’s 2016 Plan (as defined below), any successor incentive plan, and any predecessor phantom option and profit sharing bonus agreements in existence as of the date hereof or amended pursuant to forms of amendment approved by the general meeting of shareholders of the company, in each case as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, which we refer to as the Incentive Plan;
share repurchases by the company or any subsidiary (other than in connection with conversion of Class B shares into Class A shares);
amendments, modifications or waivers to, or the exercise of any rights under, any stock option, phantom option or similar program of the company or any subsidiary, except to the extent provided in the Incentive Plan;
making changes to regulatory or tax status or classification of the company or any subsidiary;
change of material accounting standards not required by applicable law or Dutch or U.S. GAAP policy;
entering into, amending or terminating employment contracts with founding managing directors, the chief executive officer of the company or the chief financial officer of the company;
entering into any collective bargaining agreements (Tarifverträge); and
initiating or settling material litigation in excess of €1,000,000.
The management board shall, in due course at least 30 days before the end of each fiscal year of the company, prepare and submit to the supervisory board an annual business plan for the following fiscal year. The annual business plan shall become effective upon the approval of the supervisory board, and the annual business plan may be amended by the management board by a quarterly plan with the consent of the supervisory board. The annual business plan will address, in reasonable detail, any anticipated transactions of the type described in Item 1 above. The fiscal year of the company is the calendar year.
If, at the beginning of a fiscal year, no new annual business plan is in effect because the supervisory board did not approve the annual business plan submitted by the management board or the management board did not submit an annual business plan as and when required hereunder, the annual business plan for the previous business year shall stay in effect until such time when the supervisory board approves a new annual