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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Description of share capital and articles of association
Set forth below is a summary of relevant information concerning our share capital and material provisions of our articles of association and applicable Dutch law. This summary does not constitute legal advice regarding those matters and should not be regarded as such.
We were incorporated on November 7, 2016 as travel B.V., a private company with limited liability (besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid) under Dutch law. In connection with our initial public offering (IPO), we converted into trivago N.V., a public company with limited liability (naamloze vennootschap) under Dutch law pursuant to a deed of conversion and amendment. Following our IPO, trivago GmbH merged with and into trivago N.V., effective as of September 7, 2017.
We are registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (Kamer van Koophandel) under number 67222927. Our corporate seat (statutaire zetel) is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and our registered office is at Bennigsen-Platz 1, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany.
Authorized share capital
Under Dutch law, our authorized share capital is the maximum capital that we may issue without amending our articles of association. An amendment of our articles of association would require a resolution of the general meeting of shareholders that must first be proposed by our management board and approved by our supervisory board. Our authorized share capital amounts to €234 million, divided into 700,000,000 Class A shares, with a nominal value of 0.06 per share, and 320,000,000 Class B shares, with a nominal value of €0.60 per share.
Initial settlement of the ADSs that may be issued in an offering will take place on the consummation date of the applicable offering through The Depository Trust Company, or DTC, in accordance with its customary settlement procedures for equity securities. Each person owning ADSs held through DTC must rely on the procedures thereof and on institutions that have accounts therewith to exercise any rights attached to his underlying Class A shares.
Special voting structure and conversion
We have issued 319,799,967 Class B shares, with a nominal value of 0.60 per share to the Founders and Expedia Group. The Class B shares carry the same economic rights entitlements as the Class A shares. The Class B shares carry different voting rights than the Class A shares, proportionate to the respective nominal value: for each Class B share, ten votes can be exercised in the general meeting of shareholders, whereas for each Class A share one vote can be exercised in the general meeting of shareholders. As a matter of Dutch law, preemption rights for the holders of our Class A shares and our Class B shares are linked to the total nominal value of their shares, which implies that each Class B share carries a preemption right which is tenfold of the preemption right attached to each Class A share. Pursuant to our articles of association, each shareholder of Class B shares can convert any number of Class B shares held by such shareholder into Class A shares as described below. A holder of Class A shares cannot convert its Class A shares into Class B shares.
Upon receipt of a request for conversion of Class B shares into Class A shares, the management board shall resolve to convert the relevant number of Class B shares into Class A shares in a 1:10 ratio. Promptly following such conversion, the holder of Class B shares who made the conversion request shall be obligated to transfer nine out of every ten Class A shares so received to the company for no consideration, which will be canceled afterwards replicating the effect of a 1:1 conversion ratio. The conversion mechanism is structured in this manner in order to avoid a two-month waiting period which would be required under Dutch law if Class B shares would be converted into Class A shares in an actual 1:1 ratio. Neither the management board nor the company is required to effect a conversion of Class B shares (a) if the conversion request does not comply with the specifications and requirements set out in our articles of association or if the management board reasonably believes that the information included in such request is untrue or incorrect or (b) to the extent that the company would not be permitted under applicable law to acquire the relevant number of Class A shares in connection with such conversion.