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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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The depositary shall not knowingly accept for deposit under the deposit agreement any Class A shares or other deposited securities required to be registered under the provisions of the Securities Act, unless a registration statement is in effect as to such Class A shares.
This right of withdrawal may not be limited by any other provision of the deposit agreement.
Direct registration system (DRS)
In the deposit agreement, all parties to the deposit agreement acknowledge that the DRS and Profile Modification System, or Profile, will apply to uncertificated ADSs upon acceptance thereof to DRS by DTC. DRS is the system administered by DTC pursuant to which the depositary may register the ownership of uncertificated ADSs, which ownership shall be evidenced by periodic statements issued by the depositary to the ADS holders entitled thereto. Profile is a required feature of DRS which allows a DTC participant, claiming to act on behalf of an ADS holder, to direct the depositary to register a transfer of those ADSs to DTC or its nominee and to deliver those ADSs to the DTC account of that DTC participant without receipt by the depositary of prior authorization from the ADS holder to register such transfer. In connection with and in accordance with the arrangements and procedures relating to the DRS/Profile, the parties to the deposit agreement understand that the depositary will not verify, determine or otherwise ascertain that the DTC participant claiming to be acting on behalf of an ADS holder in requesting registration of transfer and delivery described in the paragraph above has the actual authority to act on behalf of the ADS holder (notwithstanding any requirements under the Uniform Commercial Code).