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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Plan of distribution
We, or the selling shareholders, as applicable, may sell the securities in one or more of the following ways (or in any combination) from time to time:
through underwriters or dealers;
directly to a limited number of purchasers or to a single purchaser;
in “at-the-market” offerings, within the meaning of Rule 415(a)(4) of the Securities Act, to or through a market maker or into an existing trading market on an exchange or otherwise;
through agents; or
through any other method permitted by applicable law and described in the applicable prospectus supplement.
The prospectus supplement will state the terms of the offering of the securities, including:
the name or names of any underwriters, dealers or agents;
the purchase price of such securities and the proceeds to be received by us, if any;
any underwriting discounts or agency fees and other items constituting underwriters’ or agents’ compensation;
any public offering price;
any discounts or concessions allowed or reallowed or paid to dealers; and
any securities exchanges on which the securities may be listed.
Any public offering price and any discounts or concessions allowed or reallowed or paid to dealers may be changed from time to time.
If underwriters are used in the sale, the securities will be acquired by the underwriters for their own account and may be resold from time to time in one or more transactions, including:
negotiated transactions;
at a fixed public offering price or prices, which may be changed;
at market prices prevailing at the time of sale;
at prices related to prevailing market prices; or
at negotiated prices.
Unless otherwise stated in a prospectus supplement, the obligations of the underwriters to purchase any securities will be conditioned on customary closing conditions and the underwriters will be obligated to purchase all of such series of securities, if any are purchased.
The securities may be sold through agents from time to time. The prospectus supplement will name any agent involved in the offer or sale of the securities and any commissions paid to them. Generally, any agent will be acting on a best efforts basis for the period of its appointment.
Sales to or through one or more underwriters or agents in at-the-market offerings will be made pursuant to the terms of a distribution agreement with the underwriters or agents. Such underwriters or agents may act on an agency basis or on a principal basis. During the term of any such agreement, shares may be sold on a daily basis on any stock exchange, market or trading facility on which the ADSs are traded, in privately negotiated transactions or otherwise as agreed with the underwriters or agents. The distribution agreement will provide that any common share sold will be sold at negotiated prices or at prices related to the then prevailing market prices for our ADSs. Therefore, exact figures regarding proceeds that will be raised or commissions to be paid cannot be determined at this time and will be described in a prospectus supplement. Pursuant to the terms of the distribution agreement, we may also agree to sell, and the relevant underwriters or agents may agree to solicit offers to purchase, blocks of our ADSs or other securities. The terms of each such distribution agreement will be described in a prospectus supplement.