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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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must look to the Company for payment as general creditors unless an applicable abandoned property law designates another person.
Section 8.6.     Reinstatement.
If the Trustee or the Paying Agent is unable to apply any money deposited with respect to Securities of any Series in accordance with Section 8.1 by reason of any legal proceeding or by reason of any order or judgment of any court or governmental authority enjoining, restraining or otherwise prohibiting such application, the obligations of the Company under this Indenture with respect to the Securities of such Series and under the Securities of such Series shall be revived and reinstated as though no deposit had occurred pursuant to Section 8.1 until such time as the Trustee or the Paying Agent is permitted to apply all such money in accordance with Section 8.1; provided, however, that if the Company has made any payment of principal of or interest on or any Additional Amounts with respect to any Securities because of the reinstatement of its obligations, the Company shall be subrogated to the rights of the Holders of such Securities to receive such payment from the money or U.S. Government Obligations held by the Trustee or Paying Agent after payment in full to the Holders.
Section 9.1.     Without Consent of Holders.
The Company and the Trustee may amend or supplement this Indenture or the Securities of one or more Series without the consent of any Securityholder:
(a)       to cure any ambiguity, defect or inconsistency;
(b)       to comply with Article V;
(c)       to provide for uncertificated Securities in addition to or in place of certificated Securities;
(d)       to add guarantees with respect to Securities of any Series or secure Securities of any Series;
(e)       to surrender any of the Company’s rights or powers under this Indenture;
(f)       to add covenants or events of default for the benefit of the holders of Securities of any Series;
(g)       to comply with the applicable procedures of the applicable depositary;