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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
Entire Document

(a)       reduce the principal amount of Securities whose Holders must consent to an amendment, supplement or waiver;
(b)       reduce the rate of or extend the time for payment of interest (including default interest) on any Security;
(c)       reduce the principal or change the Stated Maturity of any Security or reduce the amount of, or postpone the date fixed for, the payment of any sinking fund or analogous obligation;
(d)       reduce the principal amount of Discount Securities payable upon acceleration of the maturity thereof;
(e)       waive a Default or Event of Default in the payment of the principal of or interest, if any, on any Security (except a rescission of acceleration of the Securities of any Series by the Holders of at least a majority in principal amount of the outstanding Securities of such Series and a waiver of the payment default that resulted from such acceleration);
(f)       make the principal of or interest, if any, on any Security payable in any currency other than that stated in the Security;
(g)       make any change in Sections 6.8, 6.13 or 9.3 (this sentence); or
(h)       waive a redemption payment with respect to any Security, provided that such redemption is made at the Company’s option.
Section 9.4.     Compliance with Trust Indenture Act.
Every amendment to this Indenture or the Securities of one or more Series shall be set forth in a supplemental indenture hereto that complies with the TIA as then in effect.
Section 9.5.     Revocation and Effect of Consents.
Until an amendment is set forth in a supplemental indenture or a waiver becomes effective, a consent to it by a Holder of a Security is a continuing consent by the Holder and every subsequent Holder of a Security or portion of a Security that evidences the same debt as the consenting Holder’s Security, even if notation of the consent is not made on any Security. However, any such Holder or subsequent Holder may revoke the consent as to his Security or portion of a Security if the Trustee receives the notice of revocation before the date of the supplemental indenture or the date the waiver becomes effective.