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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Appreciation Right shall for this purpose be deemed to equal the excess, if any, of the value of the consideration being paid for each Share pursuant to such Corporate Transaction over the exercise price of such Option or Share Appreciation Right, shall conclusively be deemed valid); (B) the substitution of other property (including, without limitation, cash or other securities of the Company and securities of entities other than the Company) for the Shares subject to outstanding Awards; and (C) in connection with any Disaffiliation, arranging for the assumption of Awards, or replacement of Awards with new awards based on other property or other securities (including, without limitation, other securities of the Company and securities of entities other than the Company), by the affected Subsidiary, Affiliate, or division or by the entity that controls such Subsidiary, Affiliate, or division following such Disaffiliation (as well as any corresponding adjustments to Awards that remain based upon Company securities).
(iv)    Any adjustment under this Section 3(c) need not be the same for all Participants.

(a)    Awards may be granted under this Plan to Eligible Individuals.
(b)    Awards granted to Directors shall be subject to one or more of the factors, as selected by the Committee and specified in the applicable Award Agreement, from among the following objective measures, either individually, alternatively or in any combination, applied to the Company as a whole, any Subsidiary, Affiliate, division, department or business unit, either individually, alternatively, or in any combination, on a GAAP or non-GAAP basis, including relative to the performance of other entities, divisions or subsidiaries, and measured, to the extent applicable on an absolute basis or relative to a pre-established target: (i) earnings per share from continuing operations, (ii) net profit after tax, (iii) EBITDA, (iv) EBITA, (v) gross profit, (vi) cash generation, (vii) unit volume, (viii) market share, (ix) sales, including hotel room night bookings or air tickets sold, (x) asset quality, (xi) earnings per share, (xii) operating income, (xiii) revenues, (xiv) return on assets, (xv) return on operating assets, (xvi) return on equity, (xvii) profits, (xviii) total shareholder return (measured in terms of Share price appreciation and/or dividend growth), (xix) cost saving levels, (xx) marketing- spending efficiency, (xxi) core non-interest income, (xxii) change in working capital, (xxiii) return on capital, and/or (xxix) Share price. The Committee shall have sole discretion to establish the performance goals and to determine whether the performance goals established with respect to an applicable Award Agreement have been satisfied. The Committee may, in recognition of unusual or non-recurring items such as acquisition-related activities or changes in applicable accounting rules, provide for one or more equitable adjustments (based on objective standards) to the performance factors described above to preserve the Committee’s original intent regarding such performance factors at the time of the initial Award grant. It is within the sole discretion of the Committee to make or not make any such equitable adjustments.
(c)    Awards granted to members of the Supervisory Board require prior approval of the Company’s general meeting of shareholders.