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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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(iii)    The Award Agreement for Restricted Share Units shall specify whether, to what extent and on what terms and conditions the applicable Participant shall be entitled to receive current or delayed payments of cash, Shares or other property corresponding to the dividends payable on the Shares (subject to Section 11(e)).
(iv)    Except as otherwise set forth in the applicable Award Agreement, upon a Participant’s Termination of Employment for any reason during the RSU Restriction Period or before the applicable performance goals are satisfied, all Restricted Share Units still subject to restriction shall be forfeited by such Participant; provided, however, that the Committee shall have the discretion to waive, in whole or in part, any or all remaining restrictions with respect to any or all of such Participant’s Restricted Share Units.
(v)    Except to the extent otherwise provided in the applicable Award Agreement, an award of Restricted Share Units shall be settled as and when the Restricted Share Units vest.
(vi)    Upon the vesting of a Restricted Share Unit resulting in an issuance of Shares, the Participant shall immediately pay in cash the par value of an Ordinary Share in connection with such issuance, unless the Committee has decided that such par value shall be charged against the Company's reserves (subject to applicable law).
Other Awards of Shares and other Awards that are valued in whole or in part by reference to, or are otherwise based upon or settled in, Shares, including, without limitation, unrestricted share, performance units, dividend equivalents, and convertible debentures, may be granted under this Plan.
Cash-Based Awards may be granted under this Plan. Cash-Based Awards may be paid in cash or in Shares (valued as of the date of payment) as determined by the Committee.
(a)    Effectiveness. The Management Board, the Supervisory Board and the Company’s general meeting of shareholders approved this Plan on November 9, 2016, November 25, 2016 and December 16, 2016, respectively. The effective date (the “Effective Date”) of this Plan is the date of consummation of the Company’s initial public offering of Shares. This Amendment and Restatement of the Plan was approved by the Supervisory Board on 6 March, 2017, the terms of which did not require shareholder approval under Section 9(c).
(b)    Termination. This Plan will terminate on the tenth anniversary of the Effective Date. Awards outstanding as of such date shall not be affected or impaired by the termination of this Plan.