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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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For financial accounting purposes, the transfer of the Disappearing Company's assets and liabilities to the Surviving Company pursuant to the Merger shall be accounted for by the Surviving Company consistent with the accounting principles applied by the Surviving Company on basis of book value as set out in the accounts of the Disappearing Company.
Article 11 
Impact on goodwill and  
distributable reserves
11.1    The Merger is not expected to have any impact on the Surviving Company's goodwill.
11.2    The Surviving Company's distributable reserves shall increase with an amount equal to the value for which the Disappearing Company's assets and liabilities will be incorporated in the annual accounts or other financial reporting of the Surviving Company, less (i) any increase pursuant to the Merger of the reserves that must be kept by the Surviving Company pursuant to Dutch law and (ii) the aggregate nominal amount of the Class B Shares to be allotted pursuant to the Merger.
Article 12 
Date of balance sheets used
The terms and conditions of the Merger are determined on the basis of the balance sheets of the Merging Companies as of December 31, 2016.
Article 13 
No cash compensation offer, no claim for improvement of Exchange Ratios
The Founders and the Surviving Company, who are the Disappearing Company's sole shareholders at the time of execution of this Merger Plan, already expressed their intention to waive their rights to
a.       file an objection to the minutes of the Disappearing Company's shareholders' meeting where the Merger shall be approved;
b.    claim a cash compensation offer pursuant to § 122i para. 1 in connection with §§ 29 et seqq. UmwG; as a result, a cash compensation offer pursuant to § 122i para. 1 in connection with §§ 29 et seqq. UmwG shall not be required in connection with the Merger; and
c.    claim an improvement of the Exchange Ratios pursuant to § 122h para. 1 in connection with §§ 14 para. 2, 15 UmwG.
Article 14 
Composition of management board and supervisory board
The Merger shall not affect the composition of the Surviving Company's management board or supervisory board.
Article 15 
The Surviving Company does not intend to discontinue any of its current (holding) activities and expects to continue the activities of the Disappearing Company following the Merger.
Article 16