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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Article 2 
Consequences for activities
Following the Merger, the Surviving Company will no longer hold its current function as holding company of the Disappearing Company but will rather directly conduct the activities of the Disappearing Company (including acting as the parent company of the Disappearing Company's subsidiaries); otherwise the Surviving Company will continue its current activities.
Article 3     
Economic consequences
3.1    The Merger shall be performed in such a manner that, subject to applicable law, all assets and liabilities of the Disappearing Company shall be transferred to the Surviving Company by operation of law. The transfer of the assets and liabilities of the Disappearing Company to the Surviving Company shall be effected at the time the Merger becomes effective from a legal perspective (the "Legal Effective Time").
3.2    From an economic and, subject to applicable accounting methods and policies, financial accounting perspective, the transfer of the Disappearing Company's assets and liabilities to the Surviving Company pursuant to the Merger shall be deemed to have taken effect in the internal relationship between the Merging Companies as of January 1, 2017, 0:00 (Amsterdam time) (the "Economic Effective Date").
3.3    The Surviving Company and the Founders are the sole shareholders of the Disappearing Company. The aim of the Merger is to combine the activities of the Disappearing Company with those of the Surviving Company.
3.4       It is anticipated that the Merger will avoid duplication of maintenance, administrative and compliance costs. Moreover, the Merging Companies also anticipate that the simplification of their corporate structure and corporate governance as a result of the Merger will be well perceived from a capital markets perspective, in particular since public shareholders will hold a direct stake in the legal entity that owns the operating business following the Merger.
Article 4 
Legal consequences
4.1    The Merger will have the consequences described in recital A.
4.2    At the Legal Effective Time, subject to applicable law, the assets and liabilities of the Disappearing Company shall automatically transfer to the Surviving Company, and the Surviving Company shall be subrogated to all rights and obligations of the Disappearing Company. This means that, as of the Legal Effective Time, the creditors of the Disappearing Company will be able to recover their claims from the Surviving Company.