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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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6.13    As a result, the level of co-determination currently existing at the Merging Companies – i.e., no corporate co-determination – shall be maintained upon the Merger becoming effective.
Article 7 
Description of the Merger Plan
7.1    The reasons for and the effects of the Merger are set out above.
7.2    The Merger will be effected against allotment of Class B Shares to the Founders. As provided for in § 122a para. 2 in connection with § 20 para. 1 no. 3 sentence 1, 2nd half-sentence UmwG, no Class B Shares shall be allotted pursuant to the Merger as compensation for shares in the Disappearing Company held by, or for the account of, either of the Merging Companies.
The allotment of Class B Shares to the Founders pursuant to the Merger (the "Capital Increase") shall lead, by operation of Dutch law, to an increase of the Surviving Company's issued share capital at the Legal Effective Time. The Capital Increase shall be recorded in the Surviving Company's shareholders' register and with the Dutch trade register promptly following the Legal Effective Time.
Each of the Class B Shares to be allotted to the Founders at the Legal Effective Time pursuant to the Merger shall carry the right to (i) participate in the Surviving Company's profits (irrespective of whether such profits were generated prior to or after the Legal Effective Time) in accordance with the Surviving Company's articles of association and (ii) receive profit distributions declared by the Surviving Company which are payable upon or after the Legal Effective Time.
No cash contributions within the meaning of § 122c para. 2 no. 2 UmwG will be made.
7.3    From an economic and, subject to applicable accounting methods and policies, a financial accounting perspective, the transfer of the Disappearing Company's assets and liabilities to the Surviving Company pursuant to the Merger shall be deemed to have taken effect in the internal relationship between the Merging Companies as of the Economic Effective Date.
As of the Economic Effective Date, all actions and business of the Disappearing Company shall be deemed to be performed for the account of the Surviving Company.
Subject to applicable accounting methods and policies, the financial information pertaining to the Disappearing Company shall be incorporated in the annual accounts and other financial reporting of the Surviving Company as of the Economic Effective Date.
7.4    As regards the expected effects of the Merger regarding employment within the meaning of § 122c para. 2 no. 4, reference is made to Article 6. For the avoidance of doubt, it has been decided not to open negotiations on the establishment of rules concerning employee participation and to set up a special negotiation body.