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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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As neither of the Merging Companies is expected to be subject to employee participation arrangements upon the Merger becoming effective, as a matter of Dutch law, the Surviving Company does not need to implement employee participation arrangements as a consequence of the Merger.
From a European and German law perspective, any requirement to initiate employee participation procedures is solely subject to Dutch law as set out in Article 6.12.
As a result, the level of co-determination currently existing at the Merging Companies – i.e., no corporate co-determination – shall be maintained upon the Merger becoming effective
7.5    No rights within the meaning of § 122c para. 2 no. 7 UmwG or compensation for the loss of such rights are granted to any shareholder holding special rights or any holder of other securities, nor are there any other measures proposed with respect to such persons.
No special rights vis-à-vis the Disappearing Company are held by any party other than as shareholders of the Disappearing Company and, for that reason, no party is entitled pursuant to Section 2:320 DCC to receive an equivalent right in the Surviving Company or compensation for the loss of such right.
Because neither of the Merging Companies has issued shares which carry no voting or profit rights, no compensation can be requested pursuant to Section 2:330a DCC.
7.6    No benefits within the meaning of Section 2:312(2)(d) DCC and § 122c para. 2 no. 8 UmwG shall be conferred in connection with the Merger to the experts involved in examining the Merger Plan, to any of the Merging Companies' managing directors, to any of the Surviving Company's supervisory directors, to any other member of the administrative, management, supervisory or control bodies of the Merging Companies or to any other party involved in the Merger.
7.7    For financial accounting purposes, the transfer of the Disappearing Company's assets and liabilities to the Surviving Company pursuant to the Merger shall be accounted for by the Surviving Company consistent with the accounting principles applied by the Surviving Company on basis of book value as set out in the accounts of the Disappearing Company.
7.8    The terms and conditions of the Merger are determined on the basis of the balance sheets of the Merging Companies as of December 31, 2016.
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