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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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8.1       Subject to Article 3.2 of the Merger Plan, at the Legal Effective Time, for each A-share (A-Geschäftsanteil) in the Disappearing Company's capital, 8,510.66824 Class B Shares and for each B-share (B-Geschäftsanteil) in the Disappearing Company's capital, 8.51066824 Class B Shares shall be allotted to the shareholders of the Disappearing Company pursuant to the Merger (i.e., an exchange ratio of 1 : 8,510.66824 for A-shares (A-Geschäftsanteile) and an exchange ratio of 1 : 8.51066824 for B-shares (B-Geschäftsanteile)) (the "Exchange Ratios"). The total number of Class B Shares to be allotted to each shareholder of the Disappearing Company shall be rounded to the nearest whole number, with fractions equaling or exceeding 0.5 being rounded up and fractions below 0.5 being rounded down, in each case without compensation in cash or receivables in respect of such rounding differences.
8.2    The balance sheet date used by the Merging Companies for the determination of the conditions of the Merger within the meaning of Section 2:333d(e) DCC and § 122c para. 2 no. 12 UmwG is in the case of both the Disappearing Company and the Surviving Company December 31, 2016.