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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Annex B
Information and Other Reporting Requirements

Treasury & Forex:
Cash position (with explanation of material cash flow changes) by bank account:
o Each Monday (prior to 8am PST) for prior Friday
o Next business day (prior to 8am PST) following each month-end
Provide monthly exposure data for FX hedging activities

Management Reporting:
Quarterly forecasts of record
Every quarter produce quarterly financial projections for the current fiscal year plus the next fiscal year.
Underlying detail is monthly showing a detailed, bottoms-up P&L and including other key operating and cash flow metrics
Annual financial planning
Annually produce a plan that has the same level of granularity as the quarterly forecasts of record

SEC Financial Reporting:
Audited Financial Statements produced by an auditor designated by the Shareholders and due by their normal statutory financial deadline
Headcount statistics due by the end of the first working day in Seattle after the end of the month
Number of FTEs and contractors by SEC category
Reporting Package due by the end of the fourth working day in Seattle after the end of the month
Reporting Package including:
Trial Balance by period (including prior periods) in U.S. GAAP
Fluctuation explanations in account balances from period to period greater than or equal to USD +/- $200,000
Full P&L with SEC cost classifications (Cost of Sale, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Content and General & Administrative) which should agree with current period P&L Trial Balance activity
Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule
Intercompany Schedule (if applicable); transactions between subsidiary and Expedia, Inc. or its subsidiaries needs to be properly eliminated upon Expedia, Inc.’s consolidation
Capitalization table; should calculate the majority and minority interest in subsidiary
Revenue by underlying transaction currency on a quarterly basis

Annex B-1

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