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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Response to reasonable ad hoc requests within reasonable amount of time given specific ask and related timing

Annual and Quarterly SEC Filings and Earnings Release
Provide subcertifications to Expedia, Inc. on quarterly and annual basis according to Expedia, Inc. timeline
One Managing Shareholder and Company CFO to sign quarterly and annual subcertifications
Company to announce earnings and file annual and quarterly SEC filings, as of Q2 2017 results, one day before Expedia, Inc.’s filings
Assist with reconciliation between Expedia, Inc. disclosed financial amounts and the Company’s financial amounts (i.e. known differences in mapping, foreign exchange rate differences, etc.) at least one week before Company’s filings
Company’s management to review Expedia, Inc.’s Form 10-Q/10-K disclosures on the Company and its Subsidiaries when completing subcertification to Expedia, Inc. (1.5 weeks before EI SEC filing)
Company to share draft SEC filings two weeks prior to filing of Form 6-Ks reporting the Company’s financial statements and Form 20-Fs.

Tax calculations and tax accounts reconciliation on a quarterly basis by the end of the fifth working day in Seattle after the end of the quarter
Any information reasonably requested by Expedia Corporate Tax team for compliance with US or other tax jurisdictions, including but not limited to detailed trial balances, intercompany transaction information, etc.

Antitrust Compliance:
All material communications with any governmental authority relating to any antitrust Laws.

Annex B-2

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