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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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a) With respect to the Permitted Activities above, the following travel restrictions need to be strictly observed by each of Axel Hefer and Rolf Schrömgens:
i. With respect to Axel Hefer: (A) no more than five (5) business trips per any six (6) month period to the United States, (B) no more than four (4) business trips per any six (6) month period to countries outside of the United States, (C) no more than fifteen (15) Travel Days per any calendar quarter, and (D) no more than five (5) business days at a time; and
ii. with respect to Rolf Schrömgens: no more than five (5) business days per any calendar quarter.
b) Besides the travelling restrictions under paragraph (a) above, business trips of all other Managing Directors are limited to five (5) business days per calendar year.
c) The Managing Directors will use their reasonable best efforts to ensure that, at any time, at least three (3) Managing Directors are physically present in Germany.
In the exceptional circumstance that the situation requires immediate decisions outside of Germany to avoid any material damages for the Company and limitations set forth under Section 2(B) as well as the catalog of Permitted Actions does not cover the required action, the chairman of the Supervisory Board may authorize or approve such action.

Notwithstanding Section 1, each Managing Director shall be permitted to travel to the Netherlands, but exclusively for the purpose of attending the Company's general meeting of shareholders and perform such tasks and duties relating to such general meeting as may be required.