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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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2.5 Except as otherwise required by law, the terms "written" and "in writing" include the use of electronic means of communication.

Article 3
3.1 The Supervisory Board initially consists of seven Supervisory Directors.
3.2 A Supervisory Director shall not be a Dutch tax resident. At least three Supervisory Directors shall not be citizens or residents of the United States of America and at least one Supervisory Director shall be tax resident in Germany, unless a different composition of the Supervisory Board is consented to under and in accordance with the Amended and Restated Shareholders' Agreement.
3.3 The number of Supervisory Directors shall be kept consistent with the provisions of the Amended and Restated Shareholders' Agreement.
3.4 The Supervisory Directors shall be appointed, suspended and dismissed in accordance with the Articles of Association, the Amended and Restated Shareholders' Agreement and applicable law.
3.5 A person may be appointed as Supervisory Director for up to three years, provided that the term of office of a Supervisory Director may be extended to expire at the end of the annual General Meeting held in the third year following his most recent (re)appointment as a Supervisory Director. A Supervisory Director is expected to retire early in the event of inadequate functioning, structural incompatibility of interests, and in other instances in which this is deemed necessary by the Supervisory Board.
3.6 The Supervisory Board should be composed such that the requisite expertise, background and skills are present, enabling the Supervisory Board to carry out its duties properly. Each Supervisory Director should have the specific expertise required for the fulfilment of his duties.
3.7 Each Supervisory Director should be capable of assessing the broad outline of the Company's overall management and at least one Supervisory Director should have specific expertise in technological innovations and new business models.
3.8 The Supervisory Board shall be composed of individuals who are knowledgeable and have relevant experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas:
a. the industry in which the Company operates;
b. general management;
c. finance, administration and accounting;
d. strategy;
e. marketing and sales;
f. innovation, research and development;
g. human resources, personnel and organisation;
h. information technology; and/or
i. legal affairs.
3.9 Each Supervisory Director shall be expected to have the following competences and qualities:
a. integrity;
b. the ability to act critically and independently of the other Supervisory Directors and the Management Board;
c. the ability to promote and protect the interests of the Company, its business and its stakeholders;
d. awareness of international trends in society, economy and politics;
e. a track record of proven success;
f. analytical, critical and solution-oriented;