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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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6.5 For the first twelve months following the Company's incorporation, all Supervisory Board Meetings must be held physically in Germany. Thereafter, Supervisory Board Meetings may be held elsewhere, but only in exceptional circumstances and provided that, in any event, Supervisory Board Meetings (i) shall not be held more than once a year outside Germany and (ii) shall not be held in the Netherlands.
6.6 If a Supervisory Board Meeting has not been convened in accordance with Articles 6.3 and 6.4, resolutions may nevertheless be passed at such Supervisory Board Meeting by a unanimous vote of all Supervisory Directors.
6.7 All Supervisory Board Meetings shall be chaired by the Chairman or, in his absence, by the Vice-Chairman or, in his absence, by another Supervisory Director designated by the Supervisory Directors present at the relevant Supervisory Board Meeting. The chairman of the Supervisory Board Meeting shall appoint a secretary to prepare the minutes of the proceedings at such Supervisory Board Meeting. The secretary does not necessarily need to be a Supervisory Director.
6.8 Minutes of the proceedings at a Supervisory Board Meeting shall be sufficient evidence thereof and of the observance of all necessary formalities, provided that such minutes are certified by a Supervisory Director.
6.9 Without prejudice to Article 6.13, each Supervisory Director may cast one vote in the decision-making of the Supervisory Board.
6.10 A Supervisory Director cannot be represented by another Supervisory Director for the purpose of the deliberations and the decision-making of the Supervisory Board.
6.11 Resolutions of the Supervisory Board shall be passed, irrespective of whether this occurs at a Supervisory Board Meeting or otherwise, by Simple Majority unless these rules provide differently.
6.12 Invalid votes, blank votes and abstentions shall not be counted as votes cast. Supervisory Directors who casted an invalid or blank vote or who abstained from voting shall be taken into account when determining the number of Supervisory Directors who are present or represented at a Supervisory Board Meeting.
6.13 Where there is a tie in any vote of the Supervisory Board, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
6.14 In exceptional circumstances, Supervisory Directors who cannot attend a Supervisory Board Meeting (in person or represented by proxy) may attend such Supervisory Board Meeting by means of audio-communication facilities, provided that (i) the Supervisory Board Meeting is held in, and such audio-communication is initiated from, Germany, (ii) no more than two Supervisory Directors participate in such Supervisory Board Meeting from a location outside Germany and (iii) no Supervisory Director participates in such Supervisory Board Meeting from a location in the Netherlands. However, in principle, Supervisory Board Meetings should be held as physical meetings.
6.15 In exceptional circumstances, resolutions of the Supervisory Board may, instead of at a Supervisory Board Meeting, be passed in writing, provided that (i) all Supervisory Directors are familiar with the resolution to be passed, (ii) none of them objects to this decision-making process, and (iii) the majority of the Supervisory Directors sign the written resolution in Germany. However, in principle, Supervisory Board Meetings should be held as physical meetings. Articles 6.9 through 6.13 apply mutatis mutandis.

Article 7
7.1 A Supervisory Director shall not participate in the deliberations and decision-making of the Supervisory Board on a matter in relation to which he has a Conflict of Interests. If, as a result thereof, no resolution can be passed by the Supervisory Board, the resolution shall nevertheless be passed by the Supervisory Board.
7.2 A Conflict of Interests shall be considered to exist if the Company intends to enter into a transaction with a legal entity:
a. in which a Supervisory Director personally has a material financial interest; or
b. which has a member of its management board or its supervisory board who is related under family law to a Supervisory Director.