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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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(ii)    HoldCo’s capital structure must be mirrored in its economic interest in the Company, including by ensuring that the total number of Class A and Class B Ordinary Shares outstanding shall at all times after the IPO Date equal the product of (x) the number of Company shares held by HoldCo and (y) the IPO Exchange Ratio. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing and in furtherance thereof, (I) if HoldCo issues its ordinary shares to acquire assets, HoldCo will contribute such assets to the Company in exchange for an equivalent number of Company shares (and applying the IPO Exchange Ratio), (II) if HoldCo desires to redeem a number of HoldCo shares, the Company shall redeem the same number of Company shares held by HoldCo (and applying the IPO Exchange Ratio) for an aggregate amount equal to the aggregate amount of redemption proceeds to be paid by HoldCo and (III) if any HoldCo shares are issued as compensation to employees, the Company shall issue the same number of Company shares to HoldCo (and applying the IPO Exchange Ratio);
(iii)    HoldCo and Company shall enter into an arms’ length management services agreement pursuant to which the Company will pay a fee to HoldCo for general management services;
(iv)    the parties hereto shall cooperate in good faith to cause the Company to either (A) make an arm’s-length loan to HoldCo in respect of any taxes or extraordinary expenses of HoldCo not covered by any cash then held by HoldCo or the fees from the management services agreement described in Section 2.3(f)(iii), which shall be secured by shares of HoldCo, up to a cap of ten percent (10%) of the total outstanding shares of HoldCo (unless the parties otherwise agree to another equitable and efficient funding mechanism); or (B) if legally permissible and feasible from a tax perspective cause a distribution with respect to the Company shares to be declared and paid disproportionately; and
(v)    any other structural features or mechanics that the parties reasonably determine are necessary and appropriate to implement the general principles described above and in Section 2.3(d).
(g)    Subject to the condition precedent (aufschiebende Bedingung) that either there is (x) an Adverse Ruling Determination (and a Ruling Event described in clause (b) of the definition of “Ruling Event” has not occurred with respect to each Adverse Ruling Determination by the End Date) or (y) the parties determine to abandon the Merger, the parties hereto agree (i) to cause the Company to change its legal form into a German stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft), becoming trivago AG; and (ii) following completion of such change of legal form into a German stock corporation, cause trivago AG to change its legal form into a German Societas Europaea, becoming trivago SE, in each case by taking such actions and steps that are set out in Schedule 2.3(g) and subject to the governance arrangements set out in Section 2.4 (the structure after implementation of the steps set out under (i) through (ii) above the “Conversion Structure”).
2.4.    Governance Arrangements.