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TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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Exhibit 2.4(i)

This is a translation into English of the official Dutch version of the articles of association of a public company with limited liability under Dutch law. Definitions included in Article 1 below appear in the English alphabetical order, but will appear in the Dutch alphabetical order in the official Dutch version. In the event of a conflict between the English and Dutch texts, the Dutch text shall prevail.


Article 1
1.1 In these articles of association the following definitions shall apply:
An article of these articles of association.
The Company's chief executive officer.
The Company's chief financial officer.
The chairman of the Supervisory Board.
Class A share
A class A share in the Company's capital.
Class B share
A class B share in the Company's capital.
Class Meeting
The meeting of holders of shares of a certain class.
The company to which these articles of association pertain.
The Dutch Civil Code.
General Meeting
The Company's general meeting of shareholders.
Group Company
An entity or partnership which is organisationally connected with the Company in an economic unit within the meaning of Section 2:24b DCC.
Indemnified Officer
A current or former Managing Director or Supervisory Director and such other current or former officer or employee of the Company or its Group Companies as designated by the Management Board.
Management Board
The Company's management board.
Management Board Rules
The internal rules applicable to the Management Board.
Managing Director
A member of the Management Board.
Meeting Rights
With respect to the Company, the rights attributed by law to the holders of depository receipts issued for shares with a company's cooperation, including the right to attend and address a General Meeting.
Person with Meeting Rights
A shareholder, a usufructuary or pledgee with voting rights or a holder of depository receipts for shares issued with the Company's cooperation.
Registration Date
The date of registration for a General Meeting as provided by law.
Simple Majority
More than half of the votes cast.