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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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5.7 Minutes of the proceedings at a Board Meeting shall be sufficient evidence thereof and of the observance of all necessary formalities, provided that such minutes are certified by a Managing Director.
5.8 Without prejudice to Article 5.11, each Managing Director may cast one vote in the decision-making of the Management Board.
5.9 Resolutions of the Management Board shall be passed, irrespective of whether this occurs at a Board Meeting or otherwise, by Simple Majority unless these rules provide differently.
5.10 Invalid votes, blank votes and abstentions shall not be counted as votes cast. Managing Directors who casted an invalid or blank vote or who abstained from voting shall be taken into account when determining the number of Managing Directors who are present or represented at a Board Meeting.
5.11 Where there is a tie in any vote of the Management Board, the CEO shall have a casting vote.
5.12 In exceptional circumstances, resolutions of the Management Board may, instead of at a Board Meeting, be passed in writing, provided that (i) all Managing Directors are familiar with the resolution to be passed, (ii) none of them objects to this decision-making process, (iii) the majority of the Managing Directors sign the resolution in Germany and (iv) the resolution shall not be signed in the Netherlands. However, in principle, Board Meetings should be held as physical meetings. Articles 5.8 through 5.11 apply mutatis mutandis.

Article 6
6.1 A Managing Director shall not participate in the deliberations and decision-making of the Management Board on a matter in relation to which he has a Conflict of Interests. If, as a result thereof, no resolution can be passed by the Management Board, the resolution shall be passed by the Supervisory Board.
6.2 A Conflict of Interests shall be considered to exist if the Company intends to enter into a transaction with a legal entity:
a. in which a Managing Director personally has a material financial interest;
b. which has a member of its management board or its supervisory board who is related under family law to a Managing Director; or
c. in which a Managing Director has a management or supervisory position.
A Conflict of Interests shall not be considered to exist by reason only of a Managing Director's affiliation with a direct or indirect shareholder of the Company.
6.3 A Managing Director should immediately report any actual or potential Conflict of Interests in a transaction that is of material significance to the Company and/or to such Managing Director to the chairman of the Supervisory Board and to the other members of the Management Board. The Managing Director concerned should provide all relevant information in that regard, including the information relevant to the situation concerning his spouse, registered partner or other life companion, foster child and relatives by blood or marriage up to the second degree. The Supervisory Board should decide, outside the presence of the Managing Director concerned, whether there is a Conflict of Interests.
6.4 All transactions in which there are Conflicts of Interests with Managing Directors should be agreed on terms that are customary in the market. Decisions to enter into transactions in which there are Conflicts of Interests with Managing Directors that are of material significance to the Company and/or to the relevant Managing Director shall require the approval of the Supervisory Board.

Article 7