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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form F-3 on 04/05/2018
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i. the instruction of the Management Board to apply for the Company's bankruptcy; and
j. the Company's dissolution.
31.2 For purposes of Article 31.1, a resolution shall not be considered to have been proposed by the Management Board if such resolution has been included in the convening notice or announced in the same manner by or at the request of one or more Persons with Meeting Rights pursuant to Articles 27.5 and/or 27.6, unless the Management Board has expressly indicated its support of such resolution in the agenda of the General Meeting concerned or in the explanatory notes thereto.

Article 32
32.1 A Class Meeting shall be held whenever a resolution of that Class Meeting is required by Dutch law or under these articles of association and otherwise whenever the Management Board or the Supervisory Board so decides.
32.2 Without prejudice to Article 32.1, for Class Meetings, the provisions concerning the convening of, drawing up of the agenda for, holding of and decision-making by the General Meeting apply mutatis mutandis.
32.3 For as long as Class B shares are not admitted to trading on a stock exchange, the following shall apply in relation to Class Meetings of Class B shares (notwithstanding Article 32.2):
a. Articles 27.3, 27.8, 28.3 and 30 apply mutatis mutandis;
b. a Class Meeting must be convened no later than on the eighth day prior to that of the meeting;
c. a Class Meeting shall appoint its own chairman;
d. where the rules laid down by these articles of association in relation to the convening, location of or drawing up of the agenda for a Class Meeting have not been complied with, legally valid resolutions may still be passed by that Class Meeting by a unanimous vote at a meeting at which all shares of the relevant class are represented; and
e. holders of Class B shares may pass resolutions in writing instead of at a meeting by a unanimous vote of all shareholders concerned; the votes may be cast electronically.

Article 33
33.1 The Company's financial year shall coincide with the calendar year.
33.2 Annually, within the relevant statutory period, the Management Board shall prepare the annual accounts and the management report and deposit them at the Company's office for inspection by the shareholders.
33.3 The annual accounts shall be signed by the Managing Directors and the Supervisory Directors. If any of their signatures is missing, this shall be mentioned, stating the reasons.
33.4 The Company shall ensure that the annual accounts, the management report and the particulars to be added pursuant to Section 2:392(1) DCC shall be available at its offices as from the convening of the General Meeting at which they are to be discussed. The Persons with Meeting Rights are entitled to inspect such documents at that location and to obtain a copy at no cost.
33.5 The annual accounts shall be adopted by the General Meeting.

Article 34
34.1 The General Meeting shall instruct an auditor as referred to in Section 2:393 DCC to audit the annual accounts. Where the General Meeting fails to do so, the Supervisory Board shall be authorised, failing which the Management Board shall be authorised.
34.2 The instruction may be revoked by the General Meeting and by the body that has granted the instruction; the instruction granted by the Management Board can also be revoked by the Supervisory Board. The instruction can only be revoked for well-founded reasons; a difference of opinion regarding the reporting or auditing methods shall not constitute such a reason.