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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 6-K on 05/17/2018
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Appointment of R. Dzielak as supervisory director for a period expiring at the end of the annual general meeting to be held in the year 2021 (voting item)

The Company's supervisory board has made a binding nomination to appoint R. Dzielak as supervisory director of the Company for a period expiring at the end of the annual general meeting to be held in the year 2021.

Robert J. Dzielak (47) has served as Expedia’s Chief Legal Officer and Secretary since March 2018, having previously served as its Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary since April 2012. Dzielak previously served as Expedia’s Senior Vice President and acting General Counsel since October 2011. Since joining Expedia as Assistant General Counsel in April 2006 and through his service as Vice President and Associate General Counsel between February 2007 and October 2011, Dzielak held primary responsibility for the worldwide litigation portfolio of Expedia and its brands. Prior to joining Expedia, Dzielak was a partner at the law firm of Preston, Gates and Ellis, LLP (now K&L Gates LLP), where his practice focused on commercial and intellectual property litigation. Dzielak received his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School.

Mr. Dzielak does not hold any shares in the Company's share capital.

Authorization of the management board to acquire shares in the Company's capital (voting item)

It is proposed to authorize the Company's management board, subject to the approval of its supervisory board as required by the Company’s amended management board rules, to resolve for the Company to acquire fully paid-up shares in the Company's capital (or depository receipts for such shares) by any means, including through derivative products, purchases on a stock exchange, private purchases, block trades, or otherwise, for a price which is higher than nil and does not exceed 110% of the average market price of American Depositary Receipts for Class A Shares on the NASDAQ Stock Market (such average market price being the average of the closing prices on each of the five consecutive trading days preceding the date the acquisition is agreed upon by the Company), up to 10% of the Company's issued share capital (determined as at the close of business on the date of the AGM).