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SEC Filings

SC 13D/A
VINNEMEIER PETER filed this Form SC 13D/A on 11/23/2018
Entire Document

understand that the provisions of that rule may limit the number of ADSs I can sell at any given time. In the event there is a conflict between the quantity of securities that I have directed to be sold and any lesser amount of ADSs that are permitted to be sold pursuant to Rule 144 or other securities laws or rules, I hereby direct that the maximum limits established by such other laws or rules shall govern. In no event will MSSB effect any sale if such sale would exceed the then-applicable limitation under Rule 144 assuming MSSB’s sales under this Plan are the only sales subject to that limitation.
I agree not to take nor to cause any person or entity with which I would be required to aggregate sales of stock pursuant to Rule 144 to take, any action that would cause the sales hereunder not to meet all applicable requirements of Rule 144, including volume limitations.
I instruct MSSB to conduct all sales pursuant to this Plan in accordance with the manner of sale under Rule 144(f) and current public information requirements of Rule 144(c).
I agree to timely provide completed and signed Rule 144 paperwork to MSSB (including, without limitation, a Seller Representation letter dated as of the date of this Plan substantially in the form of Part IV - Exhibit B to this Plan prior to the Adoption Date). I acknowledge that MSSB requires this paperwork to facilitate Rule 144 trades for my account. Consistent with Rule 144 filing requirements, MSSB hereby agrees to submit my completed Form144 – Notice of Proposed Sale to the Securities and Exchange Commission. In order for MSSB to complete this paperwork, I authorize MSSB to maintain my pre-signed Forms 144 in safekeeping and to complete these forms as necessary before submitting them to the SEC. I further agree to release, hold harmless and discharge MSSB and their affiliates, agents, officers, successors and insurers from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages and other expenses which may be sustained at any time relating to its facilitating transactions and completing necessary paperwork on my behalf under Rule 144.
C. Implementation, Modification, Suspension and Termination.
Implementation of Plan.
MSSB will sell the ADS subject to this Plan in accordance with the terms of this Plan for my account in accordance with the principles of best execution provided that MSSB may execute orders on a “not held” basis. MSSB considers several factors, including price, the available liquidity pool, execution speed, transaction costs, service and opportunities for price improvement in determining where to route customer orders for execution. A “not held” or “working order” permits MSSB to use reasonable brokerage judgment, exercising price and time discretion, as to when to execute the order. However, MSSB will not sell any ADS subject to this Plan at a price less than the Limit Price, if applicable.
MSSB may sell the ADS subject to this Plan on any national securities exchange, in the over-the-counter market, on an automated trading system or otherwise. I agree that if MSSB or its affiliates is a market maker or dealer in such ADS at the time that any sale is to be made under this Plan, MSSB or its affiliates may, at its sole discretion, purchase such ADS in its capacity as market maker or dealer.
I agree to deliver the ADS subject to this Plan to the extent I currently own such ADS into an account at MSSB in my name and for my benefit prior to the Selling Start Date. I understand that this Plan shall not be effective until I establish a valid account at MSSB to hold the ADS.
Modification of Plan.
I may not modify this Plan unless:
such modification is accepted in writing by MSSB;
I provide MSSB with:
an Issuer Representation Letter substantially in the form of Part IV - Exhibit A to this Plan;
(b) a Seller Representation Letter substantially in the form of Part IV - Exhibit B to this Plan;
a modification letter and new trade schedule(s) in which I represent that, among other things, on the date of such modification that I am not aware of any material, non-public

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