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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 6-K on 02/06/2019
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We also generate hotel content as a means of engaging with travelers, which is distributed online including via social media and our online magazine. Mobile app marketing remains important given the high importance of that device type.

Performance marketing
We market our services and directly acquire traffic for our websites by purchasing travel and hotel-related keywords from general search engines and through advertisements on other online marketing channels. These activities include advertisements through search engines, such as Baidu, Bing, Google and Yahoo! (commonly referred to as Search Engine Marketing, or SEM), and through display advertising campaigns on advertising networks, affiliate websites, social networking sites and email marketing (commonly referred to as Display, Email and Affiliate Advertising, or DEA).

Advertiser relations
Our advertiser relations team seeks to provide tailored advice to each of our existing and prospective online travel agencies, or OTAs, providers of alternative accommodation, hotel chains and independent hotel advertisers. We have dedicated sales teams that manage the process of onboarding advertisers, maintain ongoing relationships with advertisers, work with advertisers to help them optimize their outcomes from the trivago platform and provide guidance on additional tools and features that could further enhance advertisers’ experience. We aim to remain in close dialogue with OTAs and sophisticated hotel chains to better understand each advertiser’s specific needs and objectives in order to offer optimal solutions through our marketplace.

Our advertisers include:

OTAs, including large international players, such as brands affiliated with Expedia Group, Inc. ("Expedia Group") and Booking Holdings, Inc. ("Booking Holdings"), as well as smaller, regional and local OTAs;
Hotel chains, including large multi-national hotel chains and smaller regional chains;
Individual hotels; and
Providers of alternative accommodation, such as vacation rental or private apartments.

We generate the large majority of our revenue from OTAs. Certain brands affiliated as of the date hereof with our majority shareholder, Expedia Group, including Brand Expedia,, HomeAway, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, Wotif and ebookers, in the aggregate, accounted for 36% and 36% of our Total Revenue for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively. Booking Holdings and its affiliated brands,, and Agoda, accounted for 39% and 44% of our Total Revenue for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively.

For the three months ended December 31, 2018, brands affiliated with Expedia Group and Booking Holdings accounted for 37% and 34% of our Total Revenue, respectively, as compared to 39% and 33% of our Total Revenue, in the same period in 2017.

We design our algorithm to showcase the hotel room and other accommodation rate offers that we believe will be of most interest to our users, emphasizing those offers that are more likely to be clicked and ultimately booked on our advertisers' websites. We consider booking conversion, which we describe in more detail below, to be a key indicator of user satisfaction on our website. At the core of our ability to match our users’ searches with large numbers of hotel and other accommodation offers is our auction platform, which we call our marketplace. With our marketplace, we provide advertisers a competitive forum to access user traffic by facilitating a vast quantity of auctions on any particular day. Advertisers do this by submitting hotel room and other accommodation rates on our marketplace and cost-per-click, or CPC, bids for each user click on an advertised rate for a hotel or other accommodation. By clicking on a given rate, an individual user is referred to that advertiser’s website where the user can complete the booking. Advertisers can submit and