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SEC Filings

TRIVAGO N.V. filed this Form 6-K on 02/06/2019
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adjust CPC bids on our marketplace frequently - as often as daily - on a property-by-property and market-by-market basis, and provide us with information on hotel room and other accommodation rates and availability on a near real-time basis.

In determining the prominence given to offers and their placement in our search results, including in comparison search results for a given location and on detail pages for a given property, our proprietary algorithm considers a number of factors in a dynamic, self-learning process. These include (but are not limited to) the advertiser’s offered rate for the hotel room or other accommodation, the likelihood the offer will match the user’s accommodation search criteria, data we have collected on likely booking conversion and user experience (as reflected in our assessment of the quality of users' experience after clicking out to an advertiser from our website, which functions as an adjustment to advertisers’ CPC bids in our marketplace auction process, or relevance assessment) and the CPC bids submitted by our advertisers.

We believe the most influential factors impacting bidding behavior for our largest advertisers is the rate at which our Qualified Referrals result in bookings on their websites, or booking conversion, and the amount our advertisers obtain from qualified referrals as a result of hotels and other accommodation booked on their sites, or booking value. We refer to the degree to which we are able to capture our share in the overall estimated booking revenues generated by our advertisers from our referrals as "commercialization". The quality of the traffic we generate for our advertisers increases when aggregate booking conversion and/or aggregate booking value increases. We estimate overall booking conversion and booking value from data voluntarily provided to us by certain advertisers to better understand the drivers in our marketplace, and in particular, to gain insight into how our advertisers manage their advertising campaigns. While we believe the quality of the traffic we referred to our advertisers improved in the second half of 2018, the information we used as the basis for this analysis is subject to a number of uncertainties, including those related to the accuracy of the information we receive from certain of our advertisers and the methodologies we and our advertisers use to track and analyze whether a user ultimately completes a booking.

Assuming unchanged dynamics in the market beyond our marketplace, we would expect that the higher the potential booking value or conversion generated by a Qualified Referral and the more competitive the bidding, the more an advertiser is willing to bid for a hotel advertisement on our marketplace. This means that the levels of advertisers' CPC bids generally reflect their view of the likelihood that each click on an offer will result in a booking by a user. We believe our attribution model and product optimization measures have contributed to continuous improvement in our referred traffic quality, which have had a positive effect on our Revenue per Qualified Referrals, or "RPQR" in the fourth quarter of 2018. However, the dynamics in the market beyond our marketplace are not static, and we believe that our advertisers continuously review their Advertising Spend on our platform and on other advertising channels, and continuously seek to optimize their allocation of their spending among us and our competitors.

In addition, changes in foreign exchange rates can amplify or mute changes in these underlying trends in our revenues and RPQR. Although we largely denominate our CPCs in euro and have relatively little direct foreign currency translation with respect to our revenue, we believe that our advertisers’ decisions on the share of their booking revenues they are willing to pay to us are based on the currency in which the hotels being booked are priced. Accordingly, we have observed that advertisers tend to adjust their CPC bidding based on the relative strengthening or weakening of the euro as compared to the local functional currency in which the booking with our advertisers is denominated.

Recent trends
In the fourth quarter of 2018, our profitability improved substantially compared to the same period in 2017 as we continued to optimize and recalibrate our Advertising Spend to adapt to the changing dynamics on our marketplace. We began to make these changes at the end of the second quarter of 2018 across all of our segments, and they were reflected in reduced brand marketing expenditure and increased return on investment targets for our performance marketing campaigns. While these measures improved our