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RecSys Challenge 2019 Winners Announced


 LogicAI develops AI for improved hotel recommendations

Düsseldorf, 10 October - - In the 10th year of the RecSys Challenge, we are proud to recognize, LogicAI from Warsaw as the 2019 challenge winner.  The purpose of this year's AI competition, co-organized by trivago, was to develop a system that provides users with context-dependent recommendations for accommodations. 

The competition was designed to have teams focus on developing algorithms that can improve the quality of hotel recommendations on online platforms. The 500 participating teams analyzed explicit and implicit user signals such as interactions with content on the website or the usage of filter options. The solution, developed by LogicAI, combined different models to better detect the intent of the users which can help influence factors that platforms like trivago can use to increase the relevance of their recommendations.

Jens Adamczak, Data Scientist at trivago, on LogicAI's algorithm: "In the highly competitive market for online travel, fast and relevant recommendation systems are crucial. We are excited about LogicAI's input and expect to experiment with including parts of the solution into the production system that fuels the offers we present to our users."

Pawel Jankiewicz of LogicAI wins the RecSys Challenge 2019: "From the beginning of the competition, we thought the challenge was very interesting. The problem was well defined and the dataset itself was prepared in an exemplary manner.  Although we used traditional feature engineering and Tree Boosting, we are amazed that so many of them used ambitious Deep Learning architectures.  It will surely move forward the knowledge of how to built session-based recommendation systems."

Last year's winner, Layer 6 AI from Toronto, finished second in this years challenge. The teams Meituan-Dianping Group from Beijing, Rosetta AI from Taiwan and letoh govatri from TU Dortmund took third to fifth place.

The RecSys Challenge 2019 was organized by trivago, TU Vienna, Polytechnic University Bari and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The winners were presented at the 13th ACM RecSys Conference in Copenhagen. The renowned conference on Artificial Intelligence brings together annually the most important international research groups working on recommendation systems as well as many of the world's leading e-commerce companies.

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